ADG Creative Brings Home Gold and Silvers in 2014 ADDY Regionals


ADG Creative has added four additional trophies to our ever-growing collection of awards from over the years, this time with 4 ADDYs from the 2014 District Two ADDY Awards. ADG advanced to the regional division of the competition after earning seven awards at the Baltimore ADDYs earlier this year. The District Two region consists of companies from New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware and Washington, D.C., so we’re fairly proud to show off this new hardware. Here are the individual award categories and entries: Continue Reading »

PR Case Study: IKEA vs. The People


From simple DIY organizational tips to creating your own wine bar or children’s play nook (preferably not together), has published thousands of customizations and “hacks” using IKEA products. The site, which started in 2006 as a Blogspot webpage by a self-confessed “crazy fan” under the pseudonym Jules Yap, is the best-known furniture hacking site that offers alternative uses for fan favorites like the BILLY Bookcase or RÅSKOG Kitchen Cart.
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ADG is Looking for a Web Development Intern!

Hey, you! Yeah you, the bright, dashing, young genius reading this. Are you the person in your immediate family who’s nicknamed “the computer whiz”? Do you love all things code and web? Are you snacking on Tactical Bacon while reading this? 

If you answered yes to any of those questions then we’ve got an opportunity for you.

ADG’s Development team is on the lookout for a Web Developer Intern, someone who has trekked through the lands of HTML and CSS and lived to talk about it and most certainly wields a sword made of WordPress. An ADG Dev intern is a team player with a good attitude who can go from talking to testing in a matter of hours. Continue Reading »

5 Little-Known LinkedIn Tools for Your Brand


Once upon a time social networking only existed for personal entertainment. For teens who spent their free time reorganizing their Top 8. Now? People are getting hired from their tweets and LinkedIn has become the social network for professionals and brands (I know, captain obvious over here). But what you may not know are the few handy tools LinkedIn offers that can help you deliver more engaging content to the right people and increase your professional influence.

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ADG Presents: Design Team Breakfast

On a recent sunny summer morning ADG designers, strategists and developers alike gathered round fruit, warm cinnamon rolls and piles of paper to tackle an exciting design challenge. Every month brings a new challenge that keeps our minds sharp and our creative gears turning–this month the challenge was a hypothetical patriotism crisis. Design Team Breakfasts are fun and fast: eat breakfast, split into teams and tackle a challenge in about an hour. Here’s the premise from this month:

In 24 hours, all Americans’ memories will be erased of what it means to be an American citizen. Monuments and physical objects remain, but the symbolism behind them is forgotten.

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Top 10 Tuesday: Roadside Attractions You’ve Gotta See


I’m a kitsch fanatic. I love the things that make people with taste and class cringe, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that I love roadside attractions. We don’t have enough of them in New England, and I never managed a cross country road trip in my youth (there’s still time, right?!), so I had to live vicariously through the old polaroids of friends and family members.

These are the places I’d go, with a few honorable mentions thrown in at the end. Share your suggestions in the comments and be sure to visit the websites and learn all you can about each site. (Photos are linked to their credited photographers)

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Good Karma Friday: Fragile X Foundation

Every Friday (unless we’re crazy busy) we feature people, brands and organizations we really, really like. They might be clients, they might not, but all deserve to be heard.

Spread the word: Good Karma Fridays are officially back! Originally launched in 2011, the Good Karma Friday series was designed to inspire and give props to organizations that are doing a whole lotta good for the community, the country or the world. We decided its time to bring this series back around, because…what goes around comes around, right? Continue Reading »

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