Announcing the #Gumbo4Good Challenge


Snap & Tag: Show us what “togetherness” means to you!

Between now and December 4th, snap a pic with an ampersand (&) between two things that are better together, and share it with ADG via social media. Be it silly, serious, or sentimental—we want to see what combinations you feel are best together.

How do I enter?

1. You’ll need an ampersand—so find one, make one, or print one (Click here, or below to download a set you can print and cut out on your own via PDF). Continue Reading »

We are Back to the Future

Back to the future 2The future has arrived.

Today is October 21, 2015, the day Doc Brown, Marty McFly, and Jennifer Parker traveled to the future in their DeLorean time machine in Back to the Future II. Back in the day, my friends and I would spend afternoons debating the physics of hoverboards, the potential of personal cold fusion power, and the fantasy of flying cars. I know I was convinced the hoverboards in the movie were real, but weren’t being sold because of Consumer Products Safety Commission concerns (unfortunately, that wasn’t true).

Now that we have arrived in the future envisioned in 1989, it begs the question – what have we achieved in 30 years?

Thankfully, we aren’t the only ones asking this question. In fact, dozens of respected publications have published exhaustive lists, so let’s take a look at a few highlights culled from places like Scientific American, the BBC, and our own crack research team (thank you, Marissa our intern). Continue Reading »

Why Cheap VR Goggles are a Really Big Deal (w/ 3 Examples)

We recently got our paws on a few pairs of super affordable virtual reality headsets, a fairly new “technology” with extraordinary possibilities. Coming in at less than the cost of a new dress shirt from Kohl’s, it’s a marriage between uber-affordability and pure innovation. Most of these next-gen VR goggles are constructed out of cardboard, a little Velcro and adhesive, and two convex lenses to round it all out. The big trick is that the techno-magic happens in your mobile device via app instead of living in the goggle device itself. It’s a game-changer—keep reading.

IMG_0115 Continue Reading »

You’re Invited: Content Marketing for Employee Engagement / Oct 29th

content marketing workshop

Do you know what’s great about 2015? It’s the year that HR and Marketing are weaving their goals and strategies together like never before. From policies and programs to performance management and Pinterest, the great blurring is upon us as it all blends together in the context of organizational communications.

On the 29th of this month ADG will be partnering with our friends at Davis, Agnor, Rapaport, and Skalny LLC to shed light on the intersection of employee engagement and content-driven communications to help leaders develop and execute sound internal communications that get heard by their employees. Continue Reading »

Top 10 Tuesday: Swinging 60s Design Inspiration

I love 60s design and the mid-century modern movement. The minimalist nature of the design, the bright colors, the ingenuity in advertising. I’m a Danish modern furniture and stone-glazed pottery addict; finding vintage mod clothing at affordable prices makes me happier than snuggling with puppies.

So, you can imagine how thrilled I was upon viewing The Man from U.N.C.L.E this past weekend. I sat and watched in childlike wonder at the cars…the fashion…the aesthetic…the interior design. And don’t get me started on the soundtrack. Oh. My. Goodness.

So, to honor my love and affection for the swinging 60s, here are some fabulous Pinterest pins I discovered while stalking my favorite mid-century designs. Continue Reading »

Warby Parker: A (Glasses) Case Study


“Every idea starts with a problem. Ours was simple: glasses are too expensive.” -Warby Parker, Our Story

With nearly 65% of the adult U.S. population using eyeglasses to correct their vision, it should come as no surprise that the glasses industry in America is a $28 billion market. The average cost of a pair of frames is $130 and adding lenses increases the price by a least $50 and upwards of $300, depending on the state of your vision.

For decades, the market was controlled by brick-and-mortar stores that carried generic and designer frames at high prices. However, in 2005 all of that changed when the first online eyeglasses shop hit the Internet. It would take a few years for the trend to start, but it soon became apparent that shopping online for eyeglasses was going to give the brick-and-mortar shops a run for their money. Continue Reading »

Best Planning Tool for Content Marketing


When you sit down to start planning your content marketing strategy, you set your goals, objectives, messaging, and measurements. You figure out content buckets, team members, schedules, etc. You quickly realize there are a lot of spinning plates, so you need a way to manage all of them.

Where to start?

A vital tool in your content marketing toolbox is the editorial calendar. In fact, it’s been used by content providers for decades, if not centuries. It keeps you on track and provides a high-level view of your content strategy execution. It isn’t set in stone, but instead helps you balance content, match content to business goals, find holes, and plan resources. Continue Reading »

Top 10 Tuesday: Beautiful Words Worth Using

FullSizeRender (1)

I am a word nerd, a logophile, a (sometimes) Scrabble champion. I make my living writing words and spend my free time writing more words. I literally live a life made possible by words.

There are scholars out there who rank the most beautiful words based on their pronouncements and the way our ears perceive them. Buzzfeed asked Twitter users to share some of their favorite beautiful words and the list of 32 is, as you’d expect, gorgeous. I’m sharing a handful of them here in the hopes you’ll go off and use them or find others you enjoy nearly as much. Continue Reading »

Get Ready for the Columbia Gateway Dr. Talent Fair & Food Truck Roundup

ADG_Talent-Fair_flyer_AttendThis September, ADG will be hosting the first ever Columbia Gateway Drive Talent Fair and Food Truck Roundup in its office parking lot at 7151 Columbia Gateway Drive (next to Bay Bank). Complete with live music and lunch options from local food trucks, this event will surely be the talk of the Gateway this fall. We hear the Colonel himself may even make an appearance…
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