What House of Cards Can Teach Us About Content Marketing


Season 3 premieres on Netflix today, have you binge-watched it all yet?

House of Cards, a Netflix Original Series. The award-winning drama that lives exclusively online is arguably one of the most popular shows to ever come out of a streaming service. When people found out little old Netflix created a binge-worthy and binge-friendly TV show, it kind of became a big deal.

Mainly for other online TV streaming services, like Amazon Prime, who quickly followed suit in producing their own original series.

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ADG’s Gumbo & Mistletoe Invitation Featured on Fold Factory

Although the dust has finally settled from our Gumbo & Mistletoe party back in December, the invitations and design work we created continue to live on, this week with the honor of being featured in the Fold Factory’s 60-Second Super Cool Fold of the Week. If you don’t know about Trish Witkowski’s epic folding videos make sure you check them all out on the Fold Factory channel. Thanks to all the ADG Designers and Creatives that worked on this killer invite- enjoy!

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Data Visualization 101: The What, How & Why


Questions to ask yourself before you go crazy with charts and graphs.

Data visualization is so hot right now.

It seems everywhere you turn, there’s some nifty new data visualization displaying everything from population growth to aroma and bitterness of different hops. “Data viz” is having its moment in the sun and the timing certainly makes sense. Big data has been around long enough for organizations to see both its benefits and one of its major pitfalls: unless you can actually see it, big data doesn’t make a ton of sense. Continue Reading »

Top 10 Tuesday: We’re Off to a Warm Climate!

If you’re anywhere east of Las Vegas right now, you’re probably experiencing temperatures that resemble an Arctic deep freeze. We get it – winter’s supposed to be cold – but even I’ll concede that this weather is ridiculous. To help you through the frigid days, here are 10 of the best places to visit during the winter months – and I’ve included photos to help you think of warmer climates.

Remember – pack your sunscreen!

1. Puerto Rico

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The Psychology of Online Persuasion


persuade [per sweyd] – to prevail on a person to do something, as by advising or urging; to induce to believe by appealing to reason or understanding; to convince.

Last year, I did a Brain Juice piece on persuasion and how it connects human behavior to marketing. I thought I’d follow it up by writing a piece on the complexity of online persuasion – not just because it’s a subject that interests me, but because I recently took a webinar on the Secret Psychology of Online Persuasion and the timing seemed too serendipitous to ignore. Continue Reading »

Columbia Gateway Drive: The Music Video?

Valentine’s Day at ADG Creative means one thing: time to make a ridiculous video about something we love. This year? We celebrated our very own Columbia Gateway Drive business community, where ADG resides along with a ton of other companies (large and small, plus a court where ya’ll can play basketball…. just listen to the song, ok?).

After a long week of planning and shooting, our precious Valentine’s Day project made its premiere online. It was so popular it was picked up by The Baltimore Sun/Howard County Times, Capitol Communicator and local blogs, and shared by many fans on Facebook and Twitter.

“Love for the Gateway”
Concepted, directed, produced, filmed and edited by ADG Creative

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Brands ADGers Love!

What is Valentine’s Day without Hershey’s Kisses and Necco Sweethearts? These brands get a lot of love around this time of year, but what about the other important brands in our lives? We love them all year round, so it’s about time to send them a ‘CRA-Z 4 U’ message.

We asked our fellow Creatives to tell us their favorite brands and why they love them, are loyal to them, obsess over them, etc., and this is what they told us. So, Happy Valentine’s Day, brands. Here’s a big bear hug from all of us at ADG to say thanks for being so awesome.


Family-friendly, affordable, great customer service -Glenn

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Creative Commentary: Best & Worst Super Bowl XLIX Ads

1421943748_lost-puppy-lgAfter sleeping off a night of viewing the most expensive ads Primetime will air this year, we entered the office this morning buzzing with critiques and opinions on Super Bowl XLIX’s commercials. Good thing we had a lunch meeting planned to let our inner critics be heard and share our excitement for our favorite gametime spots. It was called the Super Bowl Ad Huddle, where our Creatives weighed in on the winners and losers of the big game, in brand world at least. From a list of all 61 Super Bowl ads ranked from best to worst according to USA TODAY’s ad meter, we picked a handful to spark a commentary on which brands scored big and which ones got lost in the frenzy.

We started with the top-rated ads…

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Trending this Week: Interactive Visualizations

Interactive visualizations and infographics can be very effective at helping people look at data, see it from different angles, and find new stories hidden in the data. Here are a few that are done well.

State of the Union Infographic Words Used in State of the Union Speeches
This is a truly fascinating visualization that tracks the use of specific words in the State of the Union speeches of all of the U.S. Presidents. It seems rich with reflections on what they considered important at the time.  Sometimes the results are expected, sometimes they are surprising.  Pick a word, and, before you select it, imagine when it will be used and see if your presumptions are right.  Think about the why behind the results. Continue Reading »

Top 10 Tuesday: Super Bowl Commercials

Well, this Sunday is the big game. And while some brands release their exciting Super Bowl ads ahead of schedule, we take a look back on some of the favorite Super Bowl commercials from previous years. Enjoy this feast of fan favorites from over the years and check back to our blog next week for a round up of the best (and worst) Super Bowl ads from this Sunday’s game.

1. Budweiser – Clydesdale

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