Top 10 Tuesday: Super Bowl Commercials

Well, this Sunday is the big game. And while some brands release their exciting Super Bowl ads ahead of schedule, we take a look back on some of the favorite Super Bowl commercials from previous years. Enjoy this feast of fan favorites from over the years and check back to our blog next week for a round up of the best (and worst) Super Bowl ads from this Sunday’s game.

1. Budweiser – Clydesdale

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Make Some Room in the Trophy Case: ADG Wins at 2015 Future 50 Awards

For the second year in a row, ADG brought home a Baltimore SmartCEO Future 50 Award last Thursday night. In an Old Hollywood-themed evening of appetizer trays, cocktails, lively performances, Michael Jackson impersonators and a champagne toast, ADG’s Chief Creative Officer Jeff Antkowiak (and his gang of creative troublemakers) accepted the award along with 49 other fast growing regional companies.

The Future 50 Awards program is the largest and most highly anticipated SmartCEO awards program of the year, recognizing the Baltimore metro region’s fastest-growing mid-sized companies. It’s ADG’s second batch of Future50 awards hardware and we’re proud to take this moment to shine the spotlight on our fantastic creative team. This win is because of all of us… and it’s for all of us. Kudos!

To get a feel for the night, take a look at some pictures below. Congrats ADG and to all the winners. Stay classy and keep growing.  Continue Reading »

Good Karma Friday: MSP Polar Bear Plunge

originalYou say you’re a hero. You can tackle anything life throws at you. You’re brave, you’re bold, you’re made of steel. But can you handle the feeling of diving into icy cold water that instantly numbs and takes your breath away before you can even say, “How did I get here?”

There are few who can bear this great feat (pun intended). They are the Polar Bear Plungers. And cold water ain’t got nothin’ on them. Continue Reading »

A Simpler Life Through Apps, with Sam Branchaw

sam-branchaw Last week, our Project Manager, Sam, had an urge to tell the world about the apps he uses that make his life simpler. (Really, he wanted to make his big debut on our blog).

So we asked him to tell us just what these life-changing apps were all about, and he started saying words we’ve never heard before. Such as…



What the heck is it?
Trello is a task management app for your browser, iOS and Android that lets you organize tasks by category or workflow to help you streamline your To-Do list. Continue Reading »

Good Karma Friday: Big Brothers Big Sisters

Last night at PROOF, our all-hands monthly meeting, we had a visit from Big Brothers Big Sisters (BBBS) of the Greater Chesapeake and long time ADG client (and BBBS board member) Chuck Durakis of Durakis Executive Search. BBBS is a non-profit organization that provides mentoring to children and teens up to age 21 who are facing adversity. The mentoring program pairs mentees, or Littles, with volunteer Bigs, who participate in a variety of activities with their Littles to help them grow and succeed through their youths.

The relationships Bigs and Littles form can last a lifetime. And the benefits of giving young people older mentors are significant: according to BBBS, after one year of mentorship, 82% of Littles have better relationships, 80.5% perform better in school and 85% are more optimistic about the future. Continue Reading »

Trending this Week: Cartographic Infographics

I love maps, infographics, and the stories data tell.  So, I figured, why not do a post about all three.  Here are some map-based infographics.  What stories do you see?

beer and wine infographicBeer Country or Wine Country?
The Washington Post mapped all wineries and breweries in the U.S. Some results aren’t surprising – lots of wineries along the Pacific Coast and breweries in Colorado, but there are some surprising results too.  Who knew Oklahoma had so many wineries?  The next infographic should be beer and wine consumption and how they relate to the local production. Do they match?

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Top 10 Tuesday: 2015’s Biggest Social Media Predictions


Nothing starts a new year off right quite like gazing into my crystal ball and jotting down a few predictions to share with you, dear reader. The stars were all over the place this time around, so these predictions have little in common with each other – but isn’t that inherent randomness the best thing about foretelling the future?

1. More TV networks will offer online subscription services.

We’ve already seen the influence Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu have had on television, changing the face of programming as we steadily climb into the 21st century. Look for more networks to branch off with their own subscription services, just like HBO and CBS did in 2014.

2. Cars will become even more connected to the network than they already are.

When Ford introduced their SYNC system in 2007, the technology was revolutionary. Soon, most factory vehicles had similar systems installed in them – the power to listen to your own music, through your own devices, while on the road. There’s more coming, though – cars are slowly but surely becoming a part of the IoT, or the Internet of Things. Continue Reading »

The Human Side of This Year’s CES

Besides the obvious need for a selfie stick and a curved TV that’s thinner than a penny, a few devices emerged from CES (Consumer Electronic Show) 2015 that would actually be pretty useful to the average human. You could even say they help us remember that we are, in fact, still human, with human needs. I’m talking health, happiness, comfort, communication; things we would be pretty devolved and dysfunctional without. While we all enjoy the possibility of owning super high-def headphones or a self-watering plant pot, it’s important to recognize the technological advances that are making practical and personal differences in the world, no matter how small. Besides, there are plenty of articles out there summing up the coolest new TVs of the future, so let’s make this one a little different…starting with something we call, “humanology.”

Humanology is just one of the many things we think about at ADG, whether we’re coding a new software program or designing a brand concept for a tech-driven company. The underlying premise of humanology is: How can technology make us more human?

So, with all these new high-tech toys coming out of CES, let’s talk about a few that fall under our study of humanology. These cool new products help us to connect better with ourselves, our world and each other. Continue Reading »

Content Marketing Predictions for 2015


With the new year quickly approaching (literally just around the corner…if the calendar was a building and the New Year a hot dog vendor), there’s an opportunity for future thoughts – what could happen in the New Year?

With great help from the Content Marketing Institute (@CMIContent), here are a few content marketing predictions for 2015.


1. John Fox, Venture Marketing (@b2bmarketing)
“Mobile first – get it to work on mobile first, and then move it to other platforms.” Continue Reading »

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