Three Ways Action Films are Art

Action movies have been crowd-pleasers for a long time, drawing in massive crowds since the beginnings of cinema as a form of mass media – even in the silent era of film…

…maybe ESPECIALLY in the silent era…

…when the experience of cinema leaned even more heavily on the visual than it does today. Film has shown that it is uniquely suited to expressing action to thrill audiences. When one takes the time to look into the century-long history of action sequences, just like with any other art form: there are derivations, enhancements, homages, and remixes to be found.

…It’ll be back.

But, in spite of these qualities Action Cinema shares with fresco painting, opera, and pottery, these films have long been considered in-artful, to the extent that people write off any criticism or commentary of them as over-analysis or “missing the point.” Continue Reading »

Trending this Week: Minority Report UI, Star Wars, Avengers

This week’s trending post is inadvertently movie-themed. Enjoy.

The Drone that Follows You (and you are cool with that)
So, the Lily drone was announced today and, in case you are wondering what to get me for Christmas, look no further.  Pre-order now and it is 50% off – that is like you making $500 (well, kind of). Seriously, there is a lot of impressive technology here and the potential for some incredible footage.  Who needs Warren Miller when you have Lily. Narcissistic skiers – your day has come. GoPro is so 2014.

Continue Reading »

Today I Learned About Raspberry Pi


That’s Raspberry Pi without an ‘e.’ Note: you can’t eat it.

I had a Cafe chat with our developer Jack, who has his own Raspberry Pi sitting at his desk, to find out what the heck it is, and more importantly, what ADG uses it for. He described it as a “credit-card sized computer” (which seems to be a pretty common way to describe it). It runs on an SD card (like the memory card you put in your camera) and can fit in your pocket.

So, I asked, what is it used for? Continue Reading »

On Writing: 5 Tips to Master the Art of Showing


“Don’t tell me the moon is shining; show me the glint of light on broken glass.” -Anton Chekhov

In my house, every flat (and, if we’re being honest, some not-so-flat) surface owns a pile of books. Maybe two…maybe three…sometimes four or five or six different books (yes, I know I have a problem). What I’ve come to recognize through my voracious appetite for reading, though, is that the books I love most are often those where the world within becomes tangible as I turn the pages.

How does an author do that, create a world you can see in your head just by writing words on a page? Sometimes it’s as simple as changing out “Margot felt scared” for the sentence “Margot’s heart thudded against her ribs and she gasped for air.”

It’s the difference between telling and showing, and it can take a long time for writers to master the art of the latter. So for those of us still getting the hang of it, here are five tips to help us work toward Jedi-knight status. Continue Reading »

2015: The Year of Content, an ADG Workshop

Content Marketing Workshop

Last month we rolled out a new workshop at ADG called 2015: The Year of Content. The goal? Understand why content must become the new focus of your marketing strategy and then learn how to get a plan in place that’s realistic and actionable. In other words: it was time to wrestle the content monster. And our guests stepped up.

On a cloudy weekday morning we welcomed our guests to our studio and after some muffins and coffee and a brief discussion about my red pants, we jumped right in to understand how we got to where we are today in the landscape of content. My partner in crime was ADG’s Senior Strategist, Dan Whiting, who kicked us off with a ride through history. I’ll let him tell that story: Continue Reading »

Good Karma Friday: Earth Friendly Brands

Earth Day 2015 came and went with big brands everywhere celebrating by launching or updating their sustainability programs. Here are a few that made headlines.

The chocolate company announced the latest progress in its sustainability efforts: “Hershey has traced back its supply chain covering 94 percent of all the mills that supply its palm and palm kernel oil globally.” The company also announced it will have sourced enough certified and sustainable cocoa by 2016 to produce four of its major chocolate brands. Continue Reading »

Ignite Howard County: A Recipe for Success


Last night I had the pleasure of speaking at (and attending) HCEDA’s first-ever Ignite Howard County, a fast-paced and eclectic event aimed at bringing people together to share ideas and inspire new thinking. Consisting of 12 short presentations (5 minutes each), it was a top-notch success and here’s why:

Venue: Jailbreak was the perfect spot. Nice weather, doors open, beer flowing. You could tell people were dialed in to the event and the great space and fine drink helped solidify the atmosphere. Add a brick oven pizza truck and you’ve got a winner. Continue Reading »

Ignite a Spark & Tell a Story


If there’s one thing we writers know, it’s how to tell a story. Inspiration comes to us from all sorts of different sources – a phrase, a song title, a piece of art, a conversation on a train. There’s an art to telling a story, to captivating an audience in a few short minutes or pages. Think of the best book you ever read, the best story you ever heard – did you fall head first into it, disappear into the world the storyteller created?

Storytelling is trending at the moment, with events and collaboration opportunities popping up all around the world. Here are a few that I’ve participated in (or will participate in) and find to be valuable – both personally and professionally. Continue Reading »

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