Top 10 Tuesday: Amazing Bookstores Around the World

Each Tuesday here on our blog we put together a top ten list under the clever title of “Top Ten Tuesday.” Yes, really.

Hi, my name is Meghan and I’m a librocubicularist. It’s true…I love to read in bed. My nightstand has seven paperback books on it, a hard copy of an old Sam Spade novel, and a Kindle. I’m in the middle of reading half of them.

Since the moment I learned how to read, I’ve devoured the written word…and have even made a career of producing it. If someone gave me a free pass to do whatever I wanted for the rest of my life, I’d cash it in for either a job as a librarian or I’d own my own bookstore. That’s why these 10 amazing bookstores are places that any avid reader (myself included!) needs to find the time to visit because as our technology evolves, bookstores are going the way of the Dodo.

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Twitter, TV and Tablets: 2014 Digital Trends

Earlier this summer, we offered some tips on how to tune out your BFF technology a few times a day and just relax. Even if you don’t consider your smartphone or tablet to be your best friend, we’ve got some cold, hard evidence that most other people might. To prove that technology really is taking over our world, Mary Meeker of Kleiner, Perkins, Caulfield and Byers (KPCB) gave a hyper-informative presentation  at the KPCB Code Conference titled ‘Internet Trends 2014,’ and left us with some remarkable data to mull over. Advertisers take note: some of the key takeaways from Meeker’s presentation may hold the secret to your success.
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Pro Tip Thursday: Design Time-Savers, Part I

Gather ‘round, Adobe maestros, it’s Pro Tip Thursday.
We recently asked one our talented designers, Michelle Martir, for a list of her top time-saving tips to optimize design workflow in Creative Suite. We got back so much good stuff from her that we had to make this a 2-part post!  Today we’ll look at Michelle’s pro-tips for Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign in and in Part II we’ll dig into AfterEffects and Dreamweaver. Continue Reading »

The Cake is Made of Creativity!


“Whether it is considered from the viewpoint of its effect on society, or as one of the expressions of the human spirit, creativity stands out as an activity to be studied, cherished, and cultivated.” -Silvano Arieti

Creativity never quite gets the recognition it deserves. In the hustle and bustle of producing products and deliverables it can often feel like creativity is the icing on the cake, an accessory to add if there’s time. Things can become too product-oriented, too focused on innovation over creativity, to the point where we begin to see creativity as the icing instead of the cake. What we fail to realize in those moments, however, is that the two are not mutually exclusive; instead, innovation depends greatly on creativity.

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Top Ten Tuesday: The Time has Come for Puns!


Each Tuesday here on our blog we put together a top ten list under the clever title of “Top Ten Tuesday.” Yes, really.

I love a good pun. I know that some of you out there are reading that and shaking your heads, muttering under your breaths that there’s no such thing. To that I say, to each their own.

Like puns, our ADG creatives come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and types – from graphic designers to developers to vegetarians. That’s why I put together this list of 10 amazing punny t-shirts – because I like wearing my puns as a badge of dishonor.

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