Good Karma Friday: Food Recovery Network

DSAwards_2013SemiFinalists_NYC_CropEvery Friday (unless we’re crazy busy) we feature people, brands and organizations we really, really like. They might be clients, they might not, but all deserve to be heard.

Let’s talk about something everyone can relate to (and probably get excited about): food! Think about how much time we spend preparing meals, gathering at restaurants with friends and enjoying family time at holiday meals. We practically idolize eating. But a lot of times, we get so caught up in the social experience of dining that we don’t think about what happens with the food we don’t eat, which usually gets tossed away without a blink of the eye. Now let’s talk about another great thing we can do with food: donate it to people who don’t have much to eat. That’s what the Food Recovery Network does every week, and so far the college campus-based organization has donated more than 400,000 pounds of food that would have otherwise been wasted. Continue Reading »

Apple News: From a Designer’s Perspective

After much anticipation from Apple fans and techies of the world, Apple finally revealed the latest iPhone and its new Apple Watch yesterday at the Apple Live Keynote in Cupertino, Ca. While the rest of us catch up on all the specs of the new iGadgets announced, one of our designers, Michelle has already critiqued the products from her design-savvy point of view. Below is my interview with her. (Click here for a developer’s opinion).
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Top 10 Tuesday: Microsoft Word Hacks


Admit it. You’ve threatened your Mac or PC with bodily harm because of some inane glitch in its Microsoft Word program. I know I have. I often walk away from encounters with Word like someone walking away from a bar fight – battered, bruised, limping, and, more often than not, the one who lost.

Not anymore, though! Scouring the Internet gave me the great idea for ten hacks to make Microsoft Word work for YOU, instead of the other way around. However, keep in mind that most of these are PC specific. I’ve included links to Mac tips and tricks, though, at the end.
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How to Make Sure You Become Obsolete


Remember disposable cameras? You know, those $20 film cameras that came wrapped in impossible plastic, good for use at exactly one event for people who either never take pictures or only attend one picture-worthy event a year? There’s a reason no one still uses disposable cameras, just like no one owns a black and white TV anymore. They’re obsolete. Outdated. Technically irrelevant next to today’s digital cameras and high-pixel smartphone lenses (unless you enjoy obsolete technology in some kind of Hipster-esque ironic way).

Companies that invested all their energies into disposable cameras, floppy disks, or some other faded technology of the past are no longer with us. They’ve gone under, flopped, fizzled. But how many brands out there are doing the same thing when it comes to marketing? What are the parallels that we see with brands who have not made the strategic decisions to keep relevant in the market? Below is a how-to list of how your brand can become obsolete:
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Where in the World is ADG This September?

Fall is officially upon us (even though it’s hotter than July right now) so that means events, activities, soccer practice, you get the idea. While ADG may not currently have a bowling team, we are going to be out and about attending, hosting, and speaking at a slew of cool events this month.


bwcc-logo1Marketing Health Check Up
Baltimore Washington Chamber of Commerce, Women in Business Luncheon
9/12 at ADG Creative

ADG’s VP of Strategy, Rea Carlyle, will be presenting a workshop entitled “Marketing Health Check Up” at the BWCC’s Women in Business Luncheon. Rea will unleash her brand-focused wisdom to show business leaders how they can check up on their marketing efforts and think strategically about the role and positioning of their brand in the market. Attendees will walk away with the insights needed to evaluate their marketing efforts and understand best practices for strategic planning in marketing.


bbj-social-mediaYou’re Already Doing Content Marketing (But It’s Time to Get Serious)
Baltimore Business Journal, Social Media Crash Course Event
9/12 at Padonia Park Swim Club

Jon Barnes, ADG’s Director of Communications will present on the intersection of social media and content creation. He will delve into leveraging content producers on the brand level, best practices for planning content, scalable strategies for any size organization, and some secret tips and hacks about content marketing and social media.


aiga-logoO! Say, Can You Design a Poster?
AIGA Baltimore
9/15 at U of B student center

Some of our uber-talented designers here at ADG are participating in this patriotic poster design contest, held by AIGA Baltimore in honor of the 200th anniversary of our National Anthem. Stay tuned to see where our designers place in the results and make sure you attend this event featuring designer and “passionate collector of flag memorabilia,” Kit Hinrichs.


mams-logoMid Atlantic Marketing Summit
9/19 at Pier 5 Hotel Baltimore

ADG will be attending the 2014 MAMSUMMIT in Baltimore, which will focus on emerging technologies and trends in marketing communications. The summit consists of networking hours, speakers and presentations throughout the day on topics like social media, experiential advertising, B2B business development and more. If you spot an ADGer at this event you win a prize.


crofton-chamber-logoContent Marketing 101
Greater Crofton Chamber of Commerce
9/24 at Crofton Country Club

Jon Barnes will be speaking on the ins and outs of content marketing and how to fit it into your brand’s strategic marketing plan. He will address the benefits of content marketing, explain how social media and SEO tie in,  discuss how to launch a content plan in an organization of any size, and offer best practices on keeping the plan running.


Trending this Week: Marketing Meatballs

This week’s trending now post is dedicated to the purveyor of self-assembled furniture, IKEA.

IKEA’s Catalog is 75% CGI
First up is the shocking news that 75% of IKEA’s massive catalog is computer-generated imagery. IKEA has built a library of 4K models of their products in order to assemble their catalogs without ever taking a photo of a real object. Not only is this an impressive feat, it begs the obvious – apparently IKEA thinks it is easier to build a hyper-realistic, 4K computer model of their furniture rather than actually assemble it. Does this revelation make you more or less likely to purchase IKEA’s products?

Family waking up at IKEA to an orchestraSpend the Night at IKEA
While some shoppers have likely involuntarily spent the night at IKEA after becoming disoriented in the maze of product displays, AirBnB partnered with IKEA to give away a night at the IKEA in Sydney, Australia. Several “lucky” families won the contest and spent the night on Sunday, August 31st. They pulled out all the stops, including waking guests up with a live orchestra, live puppies, and breakfast in bed. It seems to be a marketing win: AirBnB adds another unusual place where you can stay the night while IKEA gets some fun, quirky earned media spread throughout the world. Continue Reading »

ADG Accepts The Ice Bucket Challenge

We know it would happen eventually. Our good friends at Proteus Technologies challenged the leadership team of ADG to take the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. We of course accepted but, in true ADG fashion, we weren’t going to merely record it with some scrappy hand-held cell phone footage. No, we took this challenge seriously and rolled out our Sony nex-fs700, a host of buckets and ice, 2 ladders, a boom mic, B camera, and film crew to capture our leadership team taking their icy baths.  To do some good beyond the fun we’re also sending a check over to the ALS Foundation to support the great research going on. Please enjoy our video below… you won’t be disappointed.

Announcing StreetCorner: It’s How ADG Creative Does Content Marketing


Today I’d like to introduce you to a new member of the ADG family. No, it’s not a person or a new beer on tap, it’s a freshly minted content marketing service of ADG called Street Corner™. Here’s the elevator pitch:

StreetCorner™ is ADG’s take on content marketing. It’s a service we provide brands to help them launch and run a content marketing program from scratch or bolt-on to an existing program already in place.

I’m excited to unveil this today and while I’d like to gush about it for hours I will instead just throw down a quick Q/A here about StreetCorner™ and then turn you loose to see it for yourself.
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