How Microlearning Fits into Formal Learning

open mini bookDo you have five or seven minutes between tasks, but you don’t want to dive into a large task only to be interrupted?

Do you procrastinate about completing mandatory web-based training, not wanting to waste an hour of your valuable work time on last year’s tired content?

Do you dread the all-employee or large group Death-by-PowerPoint sessions?

If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, then I have an even more important one to ask you: What if we forego the all-at-once training and instead leverage the tiny snippets of available time as formal learning opportunities?

That’s where microlearning comes in handy! Continue Reading »

Taste Club: Secolari Artisan Oils

For this month’s Taste Club, we invited Barth and Mary DeRosa from Secolari Artisan Oils & Vinegars in for a presentation and tasting. After learning about the various conspiracies in the Mediterranean about the true origins of olive oils (turns out “Italian” oils may not be from Italy after all), we were quick to appreciate the California oils Barth and Mary sell in their two shops. We appreciated them even more once we got to tasting them. From a traditional Tuscan blended oil, to a surprising Lime and a super spicy Habanero, we got a full-range sampling before we even got to mixing the flavorful oils with sweet vinegars.

As always, a delicious time was had by all (especially since we broke out some wine, too). Check out some pictures below, and even more on Facebook.





ADG Hosts Ravens Marketing Team for #BmoreDW14

Jaws dropped, beer drinkers paused mid-sip and lines began to form once word got out that three Super Bowl XLVII rings were in the house. Our guests of honor, the Ravens Marketing Team, were arguably the three most popular people of the evening, if not for their flashy jewelry, for their super cool jobs. They even let us try the rings on! Needless to say, it was an exciting night.

As part of AIGA Baltimore’s 2014 Design Week, ADG hosted the Ravens marketers and a swarm of Design Week-goers in our space for a presentation by Heather, Bryan and Dave from the Ravens and an evening of networking and photo ops. The trio gave us an inside look into the Ravens’ marketing and design projects and a few of their biggest campaigns over the years, including the “Play Like a Raven” campaign. After their presentation, we got some hands-on time with a few Ravens print marketing materials, including posters, media guides and the shiny season tickets that only suite-holders get to see. It’s always a good time with the AIGA, but don’t take our word for it, see for yourself below. Continue Reading »

Top 10 Tuesday: Ten Safe for Work Halloween Costumes


I love Halloween: decorations, candy, costumes, spookiness, haunts and horrors, chills and thrills – if it’s related to Halloween, then I heart it. Here at ADG, part of our office culture involves a potluck lunch and a costume contest for Halloween. If it’s part of your office culture, too, then you may be looking for a costume that’s safe-for-work. Here’s a list of ten to get you started! Continue Reading »

Content is Your Cake; Design is Your Frosting

900x900px-LL-bbce3ba7_modulescopperminealbumsuserpics45685Crowns_webA lot has been written about content being the king to drive traffic to your website, and it is absolutely true that useful content and products are what bring repeat visitors to your site and encourage sharing. It is basic human nature – people use what they perceive as valuable to them. Maybe a site tells them how to do something, makes them laugh,  or allows them to escape into a story. Think about the websites you visit or tell others about: What brings you go back or pushes you to share them with your friends? Continue Reading »

Trending this Week: Moving Between Paper, Desktop & Mobile

This week we’ll navigate through the interaction of print, desktop and mobile experiences. Including everything from printed GIFs to rules of the web.

Seamless Interaction between Mobile and Desktop
Adobe has put together a concept video of how their suite of creative applications could interact between phones, tablets, and desktops. It’s a peek into the dream of not only seamless integration, but using each platform for what it does best. Continue Reading »

Why Content Marketing is Perfect for Associations


What’s one of the greatest challenges that associations face?

Membership engagement.

As an association leader, your members are your priority. Without them, there is no association, no engagement, no value. This is why it’s so important to maintain consistent and interactive communication with your membership base so that they’re reminded of the value of your association and are taking advantage of all the resources and programming that’s available. Maybe I’m wrong here but I don’t think it’s enough for an association to rely on the events themselves to foster strong membership engagement. I think there’s more to it than programming, it’s about tapping into a deeper value add that generates excitement, interest and ownership.

The most effective strategy to accomplish this?  Content marketing.

For an association, being seen as an original and valuable source of information and thought leadership is a top priority, not to mention a perpetual challenge when it comes to actually producing resources internally. Finding a way to plan and publish all of the information your association has and delivering it in insightful blurbs to your members can quickly become a problem. Continue Reading »

The Case for Crowdfunding: Let’s Build a Museum


Have you ever given a friend or family member money to help them buy a house, or invest in a business, or pay for a workshop to further their career? I’ll bet you didn’t realize it at the time, but what you were doing was participating in crowdfunding.

An innovative way to get projects off the ground and have investors feel like they’re a part of the end product, crowdfunding has become a huge industry in the last two years. By the end of 2013, it was worth over $5.1 billion worldwide and analysts project it’ll hit the $95 billion mark by next year. The popularity of sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo make it easy for the global Internet population to fund any project, anywhere in the world. Continue Reading »

People Want Magic!

MAgic castle

Attention creators of products and media! People want magic!

They want benefits over specifications
How is this going to make my life easier?

Feelings over functions
I want to look stylish more than I care what time it is.

Mystical over ordinary
I want to be part of a grand story, something bigger than myself

Now go back to the thing you’re making or the project you’re working on and ask yourself:

Will the people get magic?



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