Good Karma Friday: The Giving Keys


Based in L.A., The Giving Keys is an organization that employees people transitioning out of homelessness to help them earn enough money to live independently. Employees are hired to help engrave old keys with inspiring words, which are meant to help spread positive and encouraging messages around the world. The concept is this: you buy a key with an inspirational word you need for yourself, and when the key has done its job encouraging you, you pass it along to someone else who needs it.

The Giving Keys was founded by actress and singer/songwriter Caitlin Crosby after she started wearing a New York hotel key as a necklace and happened to run into just the right people to help her start the business. You can hear the whole story in her TED Talk below.



7 SEO Mistakes We’re All Making

The One SEO Mistake You Don't Know You're Making

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): the process of getting traffic to your website through “free,” “organic,” “editorial,” or “natural” results on search engines.

The term “SEO” gets thrown around a lot in this digital age. It’s seen as a short-term solution to bolster page hits and up website traffic. It seems to me, though, that what SEO really requires is a long-range perspective – one where what we’re doing now benefits us in the future.

To make it a little less daunting (since I’m sure we’re all a little overwhelmed on the SEO front anyway), here’s a list of 7 SEO mistakes we’re all making now…or have made in the past. Continue Reading »

13 Ideas for Getting Other People to Write Your Content


How do you avoid burnout and increase ownership in your organization’s content program? By boosting the number of voices and contributors. Is this incredibly difficult when you’re the most vested stakeholder in the content program? Of course, but it isn’t impossible. Below are some ideas and bonus insights for obtaining content from a variety of contributors; and no, I won’t apologize for using the word “leverage” so much.

Features, Interviews, Spotlights

President, CEO, Busy Executives
Get 10 minutes on their calendar; come to that meeting with your questions and a way to record it on audio. You’ll get plenty of content, but the hard part will be editing it down. Go for quality over quantity, though, and you won’t be disappointed.
Example: Alan D. Wilson.
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What is Re-Branding?

What is re-branding?

We’re driven by stories here at ADG and one word that we often use when it comes to helping companies tell their stories is the word “re-branding.” Sometimes we bring it up, sometimes a client does, but I recently realized that this term can mean a lot of different things depending on who you ask. I decided to get some answers on this so I went to ADG’s VP of Strategy, Evan Davis, with some questions about this “re-branding” thing and what it means for companies who are trying to navigate through and understand their own organizational identity.

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Bringing Home Some Fresh Awards from the 2015 ADDYs

Last night at the 2015 Baltimore ADDY Awards, aka Downton Addy, ADG won three shiny new ADDYs to bring home to our collection. We were honored with two Gold ADDYs for our Gumbo and Mistletoe invitations and a Silver ADDY for our St. Boniface beer can designs. Full award descriptions and pictures from the event are below, congrats to all our Creatives who contributed in so many way to pull off some amazing work!


Industry Self Promotion – Invitations, Cards or Announcements (Gumbo & Mistletoe)
Industry Self Promotion – Integrated Campaign (Gumbo & Mistletoe)


Sales Promotion – Packaging Single Unit (St. Boniface)
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Top 10 Tuesday: Songs Americans Loved Unironically in the ‘90s

A guest blog by Sam Branchaw.

Talk about viral sensations. Most of these songs and artists may be recognized as “one-hit wonders,” but that doesn’t necessarily make them bad. In fact, all of these songs hit #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart at some point in the ’90s—people may revisit them ironically now, but back then they were bonafide hits. The 2010s know this type of “one-hit wonder” content as viral sensations (think Gangnam Style). These artists may not know it, but they were good at producing viral content before viral was even cool.

10. Spice Girls – Wannabe (1997, 4 weeks at #1)

How about those opening chants? Continue Reading »

Top Ten Things Creative People Should Do on a Snow Day


10. Organize and update your digital portfolio/personal website.

9. Create an art project just for fun (optional: involve your kids)

8. Watch a super-inspiring movie about wine.

7. Watch another super-inspiring movie about wine while you drink wine.

6. Sleep.

5. Write a guest blog for your company based on something you’ve been pondering lately.

4. Work from home (let’s accept reality here folks).

3. Make elaborate snow art creations (food art creations also count).

2. Call an old friend.

1. Read. For fun. About something that matters.


What House of Cards Can Teach Us About Content Marketing


Season 3 premieres on Netflix today, have you binge-watched it all yet?

House of Cards, a Netflix Original Series. The award-winning drama that lives exclusively online is arguably one of the most popular shows to ever come out of a streaming service. When people found out little old Netflix created a binge-worthy and binge-friendly TV show, it kind of became a big deal.

Mainly for other online TV streaming services, like Amazon Prime, who quickly followed suit in producing their own original series.

What does all of this have to do with content marketing? Continue Reading »

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