ADG’s Best Blogs of 2014

As another exciting year draws to a close we look back over all the insightful, innovative, and slightly bizarre blogs we’ve posted this year to round up the most popular and talked about posts. Below are our top 5 most popular blogs from this year, the #1 post being on Halloween. Enjoy!

1. Top 10 Safe for Work Halloween Costumes

halloween2013-86For a lot of last minute Halloweeners (sp?), this post inspired some creative but still safe for work costumes. Bookmark it for next year, in case you’re scrambling for ideas to impress your coworkers (just don’t repeat someone’s costume from this year!). Continue Reading »

Top 10 Tuesday: Holiday Movies for the Holiday Season!

Like a swarm of locusts, the holidays are upon us! If you’re anything like me, you’re wrapping gifts, planning trips to see family and friends, and spending most of your downtime working on crafts while watching ABC Family’s The 25 Days of Christmas.

No? Just me? Well, then…

Any-hoo, here are 10 of the best holiday movies (in no particular order) for you to watch while preparing for this holiday season. Pour the eggnog, gather the loved ones, and sit down for some warm and fuzzies. Continue Reading »

Dear Ms. Austen: What’s the Point of a Hashtag?

meghan_jane_austenDear Ms. Austen,

I’m a recent Twitter convert and have only started using hashtags in the past couple of months. I’m bringing my business into the social media sphere and want to put a few hashtags to good use – create some online buzz for our new product line. How do I do that well, though? What’s the best method for using hashtags effectively in my new business and marketing ventures?

Bertie Continue Reading »

From Gross to Good: Can Transparency Work for Brands?

McDonald’s recently launched a transparency campaign in the U.S. called, “Our Food. Your Questions,” in efforts to silence rumors about what McDonald’s uses in some of its most popular menu items (the campaign already did a run in Canada and Australia). Some might call this a pre-emptive PR strike (remember “pink slime“?) but regardless of the timing, it’s an interesting marketing case study that opens up the question of brand transparency on a rather large scale. The fast-food chain has been responding to consumers’ questions online concerning McDonald’s favorites like the McRib and the Chicken McNuggets, and has also launched a video campaign with former Mythbusters star Grant Imahara to debunk some of the myths about McDonald’s ingredients and cooking processes.
Continue Reading »

Top 10 Tuesday: Cult Classic Movies & TV Shows

Sensing a theme, are you? C’mon, though – who doesn’t love a good cult classic? In no particular order, I’ve gathered together 10 of the tops, in both movies and television. Oh, and stay tuned at the end for a few bonus cult classics of the paper variety.

*Author’s Note: These are the ones I’m most familiar with, but I’m sure you’ve got a few you’d like to share. Please do so in the comments – I love learning about new cult classics!


1. Blade Runner

blade-runner-2-movie Continue Reading »

A Cult Classic Case Study: Twin Peaks

twin peaks logo

Sometimes, the stars align. A script finds the perfect cast and the backing to become a hit movie or television show; a manuscript from an unknown writer impresses the right people and becomes a bestseller. On the flip side of that same coin, however, are the movies and shows and books that bomb straight out the gate. And right in the middle are the cult classics, the bombs that go on to become hits in their afterlives.

There are exceptions to every rule, though, and the early 1990s television series, Twin Peaks, definitely fits the bill. Continue Reading »

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