Color Me Intrigued: Branding & Color Psychology

“Mere color, unspoiled by meaning, and unallied with definite form, can speak to the soul in a thousand different ways. ” —Oscar Wilde The human brain is a very funny organ. Weighing in at a solid three pounds, it’s basically a a compact laptop with a million USB ports and unlimited connectivity sitting within our skulls. We’re probably all very lucky, then, that it only ever operates at 10% power. Imagine the fuse that mass of wires would blow if they all started working at the same time! Actually, don’t imagine … Continue reading

Trending: From Cardboard to Legos

Project Soli Google has released information on a new gesture-based controller that uses radar on a chip to detect, interpret, and act on hand gestures made near an object.  They demonstrate setting a watch or adjusting the volume on a radio without ever touch it.  An impressive advancement.  Assuming it has applications beyond just people who don’t want to go those extra 6 inches to actually touch their watch or radio, what transformative applications do you see?

Three Ways Action Films are Art

Action movies have been crowd-pleasers for a long time, drawing in massive crowds since the beginnings of cinema as a form of mass media – even in the silent era of film… …when the experience of cinema leaned even more heavily on the visual than it does today. Film has shown that it is uniquely suited to expressing action to thrill audiences. When one takes the time to look into the century-long history of action sequences, just like with any other art form: there are derivations, enhancements, homages, and remixes to be … Continue reading

Trending this Week: Minority Report UI, Star Wars, Avengers

This week’s trending post is inadvertently movie-themed. Enjoy. The Drone that Follows You (and you are cool with that) So, the Lily drone was announced today and, in case you are wondering what to get me for Christmas, look no further.  Pre-order now and it is 50% off – that is like you making $500 (well, kind of). Seriously, there is a lot of impressive technology here and the potential for some incredible footage.  Who needs Warren Miller when you have Lily. Narcissistic skiers – your day has come. GoPro … Continue reading

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