Making Connections on the Gateway and Beyond: BTS at the Gateway Talent Fair and Food Truck Roundup

One word comes to mind when thinking of last week’s Gateway Talent Fair 2.0 and Food Truck Roundup: Success. Actually, maybe two: Huge success. This year’s Gateway Talent and Food Truck event featured 26 companies from the Intelligence Community and beyond, three local food trucks, and live music. The turnout was great, the weather held out, and no one left hungry.

Three Unexpected Trends in Social Media Marketing

The world of social media marketing is an unpredictable place. Who would have guessed that Snapchat would take the world by storm, becoming the next big market for businesses to break into? Who could have predicted the new Facebook algorithm that has turned so many marketers on their heads? In the name of the unpredictable, here are three myth-busting facts that could change the game for social media marketers.

Bring Your Kids to Work Day 2016: The Saga Continues

We’ve spent a few weeks reflecting upon 2016’s Bring Your Kids to Work Day. A day filled with munchkins (both the human, adolescent kind, and the tasty powdered morsels provided by Dunkin’ Donuts), the Gateway’s finest adult supervision, and ADG’s in-house production crew, we embarked upon the day with light stretching, caffeine and a team huddle before ADG Creative’s youngest recruits descended upon the small conference room in their glittered headbands and Velcro shoes ready to rumble.

Ignite, Briefly

When it came time for ADG’s Chief Creative Officer Jeff Antkowiak to speak at the third annual Ignite Howard County, he chose the topic of brevity. So I’ll keep this brief. In short, Ignite brings together a series of speakers who each touch on a topic of their choice for just five minutes, using 20 slides that auto-advance every 15 seconds. Talk about brief.

ADG’s Best Blogs of 2014

As another exciting year draws to a close we look back over all the insightful, innovative, and slightly bizarre blogs we’ve posted this year to round up the most popular and talked about posts. Below are our top 5 most popular blogs from this year, the #1 post being on Halloween. Enjoy! 1. Top 10 Safe for Work Halloween Costumes For a lot of last minute Halloweeners (sp?), this post inspired some creative but still safe for work costumes. Bookmark it for next year, in case you’re scrambling for ideas to … Continue reading

Trending this Week: More Than Just #iPhone6

This week we go beyond the iPhone launch and take a look at coffee, Adobe Photoshop, and the story of the son of a terrorist. If iPhone6 was a Movie With the launch of the new iPhone today, it would be an understatement to say that topic is. While I was tempted to completely avoid any mention of iPhones in today’s post, this is a clever video envisioning what a movie trailer for an iPhone6 would look like if the iPhone6 was a movie. It’s worth the less than 2 minutes of … Continue reading

ADG Accepts The Ice Bucket Challenge

We know it would happen eventually. Our good friends at Proteus Technologies challenged the leadership team of ADG to take the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. We of course accepted but, in true ADG fashion, we weren’t going to merely record it with some scrappy hand-held cell phone footage. No, we took this challenge seriously and rolled out our Sony nex-fs700, a host of buckets and ice, 2 ladders, a boom mic, B camera, and film crew to capture our leadership team taking their icy baths.  To do some good beyond … Continue reading

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