Infographics and Beyond: The Challenge of Data Visualization

Jake Burkett, Column Five

“Organizations are hungry to tell the stories that exist within their proprietary information… data included… and this is not just content marketing.”  This juicy quote is from Jake Burkett, friend of ADG and Vice President of Business Development at Column Five, a creative agency doing oh-so-cool data visualization and infographics on the West Coast.  Jake recently spent some time with us and shared some thoughts on the current state of data visualization and communication.  Below is a clip followed by some great quotes and a link to some pics.  Enjoy.

The challenge we have as an agency is how to figuring out how to tell stories using those types of visual assets in a way that’s interesting.

I think there’s a huge opportunity for creative agencies that do really amazing work, like ADG does, to take advantage of the absolute lack of prowess that the rest of the world of agencies has in this art. There’s a ton of really amazing individual practitioners that are just world class but there’s not a lot of agencies that do a really good job of information design.  It’s a really small list.  

… organizations are hungry to tell the stories that exist within their proprietary information… data included… and this is not just content marketing.  This is internal communications.  

For the most part what we’re hearing from our customers… is that the business intelligence software solutions that hey have spent millions of dollars on and years and years of integrating with do a great job of aggregating and retrieving and processing the analytics and all that data but they do a terrible job of communicating it.

… if there’s anything that I can leave you with as it relates to visual storytelling through information design is that it’s the ultimate door opener to doing much more interesting and creative broad-scale engagements like the type of work that is your core business…. In a lot of cases the barrier to entry is really low.  But the bar is so low and the impact of good work in that area can be extremely high and open a lot of other doors.

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