Weekly Inspiration: Helping Others

For this week that was marked with a day to remember those who have given their lives to secure our freedoms, we offer some inspiration focused on helping others.

Nothing Says ‘I Care’ Like Sending a Message Via Robot

In an effort to raise awareness of the migrant workers who labor to build Singapore, Coca-Cola worked with a local non-profit to deliver Cokes to migrant workers as they labored away in high-rises. Cool video with touching responses from the workers helps raise awareness of the issues many migrant workers face as they work away from their families in foreign lands. Did it bring a tear to your eye? Did you learn something? Would you have watched this video if they hadn’t used drones?

Speaking of bringing a tear to your eye, Fast Company has an interesting analysis of the trend used by advertisers to make us cry (sadvertising).

@HiddenCash Wants You to #PayItForward

A anonymous, self-described “1-percenter” is hiding envelopes of cash around the San Francisco Bay area, giving clues under the Twitter handle @HiddenCash, and encouraging those that find the money to give it to the cause/person of their choice. It’s an interesting way to discover causes you may not know about and have some fun while doing it. Check out the story and pics over at Mashable. And, if you’re in the SF area, go try to find some cash. Or, just pay it forward with some of your own hard-earned dollars. I’m sure you know someone in need.

Making the Most of Your Time on Earth 

If you live 90 years, you will have lived for 4,680 weeks. Some of your weeks will be spectacular and some will feel like duds. The bottom line is that we have a finite number of weeks here, and we can choose to make that time valuable not just to ourselves, but to those around us.

Some fine folks have taken some of their own weeks to elaborate on this, motivating us to make the most of our weeks. Check it out. A plethora of charts show when in their lives famous people did notable things and when an average person experiences certain phases of their life (i.e. high school, career, retirement). Bottom line: some famous people peaked pretty early. (Spoiler Alert: Einstein published the theory of relativity at a time in his life when most of us couldn’t even rent a car in ours.)

140 Characters Actually Worth Reading 

#genius: Maya Angelou actually conveyed meaningful messages in 140 characters (or less). With an amazing gift for words and beauty, she fully used her 4,472+ weeks of life – right up until her very last day. What have you done on Twitter this week?



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