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Recently some ADG coffee fanatics gathered together for a little event we call “Taste Club,” this inaugural version featuring Southern Skies Coffee Roasters, a local coffee roaster/distributor run by Jeff Givens. ADG’s Taste Club is a hands-on evening food/drink event where ADG brings in an expert to show and tell about their particular craft. This Taste Club was all about coffee and was so exciting that it literally kept us up all night (yes, that’s a joke). Coffee Mastermind Jeff kindly provided samples of two of his current selections while dropping a bit of coffee knowledge on us, which really made us rethink our usual Starbucks orders.

Here are some of the little-known coffee facts we learned from Jeff:

  • Arabica vs. Robusta. Arabica makes up 70% of the world’s coffee production and is more susceptible to pests. Robusta makes up only 30% of the world’s production, but resists pests and is high in caffeine.
  • Taste factors. Major factors include origin of the bean, how the bean is harvested, roasted and brewed, and water quality.
  • Proper water temperature. Brewing water should be about 200 degrees Fahrenheit (just about boiling).
  • The magic coffee to water ratio. 1 part coffee, 15 parts water.

Screen Shot 2014-06-06 at 10.53.04 AM

Huge thanks to Jeff for stopping by! Check out some more pics from the event on our Facebook page and stay tuned for more from Taste Club this summer.

PS: The first rule of Taste Club is that it’s ok to talk about Taste Club.

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