Top Ten Tuesday: Social Media Trends


Each Tuesday here on our blog we put together a top ten list under the clever title of “Top Ten Tuesday.” Yes, really. Recently,  I read a great article by Lisa Marie Mercer over at the Top 10 SM blog and adopted her fabulous stance on all things social for our purposes here. Without further ado, let’s focus in on social media and get TREND-TASTIC!

1. Trendjacking
The act of capitalizing on an existing news trend in order to boost your marketplace presence. Look for more of this as the world of smartphones and mobile technology evolves.

2. Return of MySpace
With more and more Millenials fleeing Facebook, MySpace has an opportunity to gain a new market – one that probably only read about it in history books before now.

3. Google+ for Business
Businesses + Social Media = Google+. It’s going to be THE place to increase your business’ social traffic and page rank. Just you wait and see…

4. Hashtags Everywhere
Originally, we only ever saw #hashtags on #Twitter, but now we’re seeing them #everywhere – #Facebook, #Google, and even #television shows. See the Jimmy Fallon/Justin Timberlake video for additional information.

5. Using Vimeo
With more than 50% of online traffic being video-based, businesses shouldn’t shun the idea of video marketing – especially through a slightly-more-sophisticated-than-YouTube platform like Vimeo. Short attention spans require a short message…squirrel.

6. Mobile Focus
Mobile marketing is the wave of the future! Seriously. Your customers spend nearly 40% of their online time glued to a smartphone. Keep that in mind when you’re selecting your digital platforms and marketing solutions and look for most social media experiences to start with the mobile experience in mind.

7. Predictive Marketing
Dust off your tarot cards and crystal ball – you’re going to need some predictive qualities for 2014! The predictive analytics tool is going to change your life. Check out Trendspottr or Bottlenose for a better idea.

8. Higher Budgets
More and more business opportunities and brand adoption come from Social Media interaction, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that companies are increasing their social media marketing budgets this year. Are you?

9. B2B on LinkedIn
This is going to be LinkedIn’s year. It’s quickly emerging as the top source for B2B-related content and is absolutely worth watching. Cross my heart.

10. Contests
Who DOESN’T love to win things? Contest attract new fans and allow companies to interact with their existing fan base. Look for more social media launches for marketing use.

Got any social media trends I missed? Any thoughts you want to add? Drop me a line in the comments below!


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