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Creatives, here’s some trending and inspiring stuff from across the interwebs this week.

iOS 8 Cares About You and Your Home
This week, Apple announced its upcoming software updates for desktop and mobile, Yosemite and iOS 8, which will be available for download in the fall. While iOS 8 won’t see many visual changes to its layout, it will introduce two features that may come in handy for the health- and home-conscious. The new Health app will keep track of your health data, combining all the numbers and info from the health apps you already use (with your permission). HomeKit will let you control various devices in your house (your thermostat, for example) from your iPhone with the help of Siri. So on top of family and friends, your device will soon be looking out for you as well.

Spreading a Little Puppy Love
We know dogs love being around people, wagging their tales and running up to sniff a pair of shoes whenever their fellow human beings are around. But PetSmart proved just how much people can benefit from a bit of puppy love by sending their Inspiration Waggin’ around the U.S. to brighten the days of students, seniors and everyone in between.

From Trash to Artistic Treasure
Remember back in December when huge flocks of birds headed out of town for warmer weather down South? Some flocks were so large and never-ending that it was difficult not to crash your car while watching them fly overhead. Photographer Alain Delorme has re-visualized these swarms of birds as a commentary on environmental consciousness by creating images that replace the birds with plastic bags (which are also often seen flying through the air). It is a nice use of visuals to communicate.  Check it out, and, perhaps, choose renewable paper the next time you are at the grocery store.

Avid Work Travelers Can Literally Rest Easy
Whether traveling for work or vacation, long flights can be quite draining. And while sleeping on the plane seems like a great way to pass the time, many find it to be nearly impossible, especially with those inflatable neck pillows that claim to be comfortable. But fear not, because other in-flight pillows do exist, and they may be just what you need to relax on your next flight. As long as you don’t mind looking a bit silly,  these helpful but wacky travel pillows are there for your in-flight slumber needs.

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