Trending this Week: Minority Report UI, Star Wars, Avengers

This week’s trending post is inadvertently movie-themed. Enjoy.

The Drone that Follows You (and you are cool with that)
So, the Lily drone was announced today and, in case you are wondering what to get me for Christmas, look no further.  Pre-order now and it is 50% off – that is like you making $500 (well, kind of). Seriously, there is a lot of impressive technology here and the potential for some incredible footage.  Who needs Warren Miller when you have Lily. Narcissistic skiers – your day has come. GoPro is so 2014.

Minority Report’s UI Designer minority report

As purveyors of UI/UX design, striving to push the boundaries, we often reference Minority Report. Fast Company just featured an interview with the designer of the UI used in Minority Report.  Turns out he has a firm – and designs systems used in the real world, including one that is getting awful close to the future envisioned in Minority Report.

In the category of Could Be Cool, But I Would Never Tell Anyone I Was Wearing It, I bring you the Suitsy – a onesie suit for “adult” males. Check it out and comment below – real or spoof?

Avengers’ Colors
The first Avengers comic was published in 1963.  Since then, the colors used for the Avengers have evolved significantly.  The WSJ published an interactive infographic with data from Marvel so you can explore the color changes in detail.

Star Wars Kirigami
We all know what origami is, but do you know what kirigami is? I didn’t, until now.  It is a Japanese art form that creates 3-D sculptures from a single sheet of paper. This artist, armed with a single sheet of A4 paper and a scalpel, is creating an impressive art display of scenes from Star Wars. Check out his video and this Kickstarter page.

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