10 Things You Didn’t Know About ADG’s Gumbo & Mistletoe Celebration

Every year, ADG throws down for a New Orleans-style, creative cauldron of spicy meets sweet we call Gumbo & Mistletoe. It’s a way for us to thank our family, friends, and clients, while benefitting the children of New Orleans’ 9th Ward to boot. We’ve been celebrating these relationships for almost 20 years (we think – no one can quite remember when the legendary first Gumbo happened. Yeah…it was that good) and don’t plan on slowing down any time soon. Even if you look forward to the tower of cupcakes and mountains of food every year, here are 10 things you probably didn’t know about Gumbo & Mistletoe.

gumbo2016-251. We ask each guest to bring shrimp, sausage, chicken, or okra to the party so we can throw it all together to create the star of the show: the gumbo. This year our guests brought over 100 pounds of meat and 40 bags of okra. Now that’s a party.

2. We fire up three pipin’ hot cauldrons that hold a total of 30 gallons of spicy, scrumptious Gumbo at a time. Bottoms up!

gumbo2016-303. Seafood on seafood. In addition to the massive amounts of gumbo served at the party, our guests slurped down 750 oysters from local seafood joint Sapidus Farms.

4. The more the merrier, right? Over 450 people flooded our halls, contributed to the gumbo pot, and brought gifts to lay under the tree.

5. Surely they couldn’t all fit into ADG! That’s why we popped up two tents outside for a total of 3,800 additional square feet of good times.

gumbo2016-5-56. We scattered 600 pins throughout our halls, conference rooms, and café for ADGers and guests alike to show off their Gumbo spirit.

wgumbo2016-5-77. Our tower of cupcakes is the stuff of legend. We had four flavors this year and a whopping 40 dozen cupcakes in total from SugarBakers Cakes. Don’t forget the plastic babies found in 10 lucky cupcakes, a ritual we adapted from New Orleans’ King Cake tradition.

keg_pic8. Gumbo & Mistletoe is nothing if it’s not about bringing together the community. This year, we partnered with local breweries like Black Flag Brewing Co. and Manor Hill Brewing to bring the craft brewing experience to our guests. “Together for Good” meets “One Vision.” That’s what it’s all about.

9. From Tonka Trucks and teddy bears to Barbie dolls and coloring books – you name it, we’ve got it. Our guests brought over 500 pounds of brand new toys to send to New Orleans and we couldn’t be more thankful for their generosity.

gumbo_gifts_201610. Presents just wouldn’t be the same without a tree to place them under. Our tree stands tall and proud, at a whopping 12 feet.

Our sincerest thanks to those who came, gave to, and supported our little sliver of holiday cheer called Gumbo & Mistletoe. From the hard work of ADGers to the support of our sponsors to the generosity of our guests, we truly came together to celebrate One Vision.

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