Al Capone, Monet and Voting Machines


parity noun par·i·ty \ˈper-ə-tē, ˈpa-rə-\ : The state or condition of being equal, especially regarding status or pay.

Do you know what was happening 117 years ago? It was 1899. McKinley was president, Bayer patented aspirin, Monet was a fledgling artist, the U.S. approved voting machines in federal elections and Al Capone was born.

Why are we concerned with what was going on this long ago? Well, for starters, March is Women’s History Month, and International Women’s Day is celebrated each year on March 8. In 2014, the World Economic Forum predicted that it would take until 2095 to achieve global gender parity, as in 79 years (from 2016). Then, in 2015, they said no, it’s even worse than we thought. Due to a slowdown, in what’s already a crawl, it’s now estimated that the gender gap won’t entirely close until 2133—we’re talking 117 years from now. This is unequivocally a huge problem, and, if true, very far off.

So we ran some numbers. And we realized pretty quickly that we have something seriously awesome to celebrate at ADG Creative. With incredibly talented, intelligent and remarkable women spanning all departments, from Wendy in Strategy and April in Development, to Sarah in Design and Julie in Administration, we’re stoked to share a quick breakdown of the Creatives at ADG.

By the Numbers:

• Staff: 54% women
• Leadership: 80% women
• Executives: 33% women

Women are continuing to contribute to the global makeup of social, economic, cultural and political achievements (we’re talking the engineers, the educators and the leaders of right now). And in the U.S. younger women are now more likely than their male equivalents to obtain a college degree, the number of women and men equalizing within the country’s labor force. But we’re still a far cry from reaching true gender parity as progress is slowing in many places around the world.

Look, we believe in actively trying to appreciate the short amount of time we’re each given to make it great. But we’re also all for speeding up the clock towards global gender parity. Make a pledge, be it by clicking on the link to follow, or making a personal commitment, to show your support of valuing the contributions of both women and men…equally. #PledgeForParity

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