Bring Your Kids to Work Day 2016: The Saga Continues


We’ve spent a few weeks reflecting upon 2016’s Bring Your Kids to Work Day. A day filled with munchkins (both the human, adolescent kind, and the tasty powdered morsels provided by Dunkin’ Donuts), the Gateway’s finest adult supervision, and ADG’s in-house production crew, we embarked upon the day with light stretching, caffeine and a team huddle before ADG Creative’s youngest recruits descended upon the small conference room in their glittered headbands and Velcro shoes ready to rumble.

We started the morning off by asking ‘em some tough questions. “What do you think your mom or dad does all day?” “Do you think their job is hard?” “Would you want their job?” Kids-at-WorkDocumenting some of their responses on film, the others ran sound, the camera and screamed, “We’re way over budget!” behind the scenes. Their interest was piqued with a scavenger hunt, scouring the ADG space for staple items (cheeseballs, colonial costumes, interns, Post-its), and obtaining photographic evidence of each team’s finds. ADG minifig’s then shadowed their Creators for a bit, all eventually making a mad dash back to the studio where a spread of Chick-fil-A delicacies awaited our return. Kids like to eat – a lot, and often.

The rest of the afternoon was spent on set. Dividing into two groups, each was armed with a project brief, props, a grown-up video guru and a sidekick who tended to the talent’s every request. Emceed by Jon Barnes, Director of Communications, we premiered their indie films during the closing ceremony, one an ADG Creative recruiting video, the other an innovations lab campaign for a fictitious afterschool program in Anne Arundel County.

We ended the day with the same amount of children we started with (always a good thing), confident each would one day be the recipient of their very own IMDB page… if the day was any indication of their raw acting chops. Many thanks to everyone involved; from moms/dads and ADGers, to the inventors of karaoke, chicken nuggets and glow sticks. See y’all next year back at Camp ADG!

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