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When it came time for ADG’s Chief Creative Officer Jeff Antkowiak to speak at the third annual Ignite Howard County, he chose the topic of brevity. So I’ll keep this brief.

In short, Ignite brings together a series of speakers who each touch on a topic of their choice for just five minutes, using 20 slides that auto-advance every 15 seconds. Talk about brief.

Ignite-goers enjoyed the event over craft beers and brick oven pizza at Jailbreak Brewing Company, a local Howard County phenomenon.

Topics ranged from “The Art of Compassion Photography” to “The Theory of Déjà Vu” to “Empowering Youth.”

But it was ADG’s own who wrapped up the event, poignantly speaking about brevity in a forum that begs, nay, demands for it. He explained the importance of identifying, understanding, and speaking to your audience, and doing it in a targeted and direct manner. He even argued that speaking in fewer words is actually harder than producing long, drawn-out prose – and often more effective. Less really is more.

Miss the event? Fear not. The fourth annual Ignite Howard County is set for next September. Start practicing brevity now, future speakers.

Full lineup:

  • “Empowering Youth” – Justin Guy
  • “Who Am I?” – Beth Harbinson
  • “What happens in Africa” – John Butler
  • “Brevity” – Jeff Antkowiak
  • “Live Brave: Storytelling Saves Lives” – Jennifer Marshall
  • “A Day in the Life of a Sex Coach” – Irene Fehr
  • “Build Your Memory Palace” – David Bradford
  • “No Child Goes Hungry” – Kären Rasmussen
  • “The Art of Compassion Photography : Healing Grief Through Imagery” – Erin Werking
  • “The Theory of déjà vu” – Mark Scott

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