When the Tables Turn: 6 Questions for ADG’s Senior Recruiter

ADG Creative’s Senior Recruiter, Lauri Bianco, is never quite sure what the candidate is chewing on across the table from her. (Seriously, toss out that Trident!). Regardless, she always ends an interview by opening the floor for questions. Below are five questions that she’s come to expect, as well as her thoughtful responses.

Can you explain the interview process and how long I can expect to wait until a final hiring decision is made?
The process is typically two in-person interviews that can happen within a two to three week timeframe (depending on the schedules of the interviewers). We also provide candidates with what we call a Backstage Pass. Lasting up to three hours, it provides the candidate with a behind the scenes look at what we do. Candidates will have the opportunity to meet some of the folks they may be working with and learn about their day-to-day. It also provides them the opportunity to ask any other questions that they may not have had a chance to ask otherwise.

What is the salary range for the position?
I’m asked this question quite a bit, however, because of our Federal contracting status, I first have to explain how the salary is dependent upon which labor category the candidate’s resume (background, total years of experience, etc.) would map to. From there, we typically get into the discussion of full comp package.

Does ADG offer any continuing education or training?
Individuals are very interested in continuing their education as a way to stay on top of how quickly technologies are changing and emerging, so this comes up pretty often. But yes, ADG Creative does offer this as a benefit to full time employees to include tuition reimbursement, training fees and materials, certification exams, and professional membership fees.

Can you tell me about the work/life balance?
This question is asked more and more frequently as today’s market is changing so much with who is entering the workforce. In a nutshell, I approach this question by saying that our core hours are 9:00–3:00 p.m. and that we’re flexible with regards to how individuals manage their hours worked per week so that they have the kind of balance between work and home life that they desire.

How long is the contract that you are currently working on?
Although much of our work is contract driven, individuals have the opportunity to work across many different projects that are in various stages of their period of performance. With all that said, when we hire folks, we tend to hire them as full time employees to join our growing team of Creatives.

If you left recruiting, and found yourself on the other side of the table, what position would you be interviewing for?
I would like to interview at Count’s Kustoms in Las Vegas as Danny’s assistant…

Looking to join a crew of Creatives? We’ve got our sights set on adding a number of Designers, Engineers and Strategists to our team. Take a gander at our open positions and drop us a line if we’ve piqued your interest… or if you’re just looking to chat with Lauri about some of the more kooky questions she’s been asked. Hey, we wouldn’t blame you.

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