ADG’s Top 5 Brain Juice Blogs of 2016

As we enter into the final weeks of 2016, it’s customary to look back and reflect on the last 365 days of what turned out to be an incredible year. For us, Brain Juice is a place where we can highlight the goings on of ADG, Columbia Gateway Drive, and the creative community as a whole. We’re proud of what we do, and we’re so grateful that you continue to read, comment on, and share our little sliver of the Internet. So on that note, here are our top five most read, shared, liked, and commented on posts of 2016.

When the Tables Turn: 6 Questions for ADG’s Senior Recruiter

IMG_1264ADG’s Senior Recruiter, Lauri Bianco, is used to being the one who asks the questions – so we decided to switch things up and ask her what questions she typically gets during an interview, along with her responses. If you’re in the interview process (or planning on job hunting soon), you might want to check this out. And hey, maybe you’ll find yourself across the table from Lauri herself one day. Take a look at our open positions to find out.

Bring Your Kids to Work Day 2016: The Saga Continues

Kids-at-WorkWhen it comes to Bring Your Kids to Work Day, we know how to do it right (if we do say so ourselves). This year, our group of mini-mes went on an epic scavenger hunt, chowed down on some Chick-fil-A, and produced and starred in their very own videos – one an ADG Creative recruiting video, the other an innovations lab campaign for a fictitious afterschool program in Anne Arundel County. Stay tuned for BYKTWD 2017!

SPARK 2016 | ADG’s Design Team Summit

_MG_7358On a chilly day in April, ADG’s production floor was eerily quiet. Alas, the Designers had convened offsite for SPARK, the 2016 Design Team Summit, for a day of design inspiration to reignite their creative energies. From presentations by each designer of assignments that highlighted each of their creative personalities to group branding projects, the Designers left rejuvenated, inspired, and ready to take on our clients’ most important projects.

Mindfulness vs. VR: Can There be Only One?

Oculus_RiftVirtual reality was one of the hottest trends of 2016. You saw it everywhere, from the race to buy an Oculus Rift to ADG’s own Gumbo and Mistletoe invitations. So, being the strategic communications folks that we are, we decided to take a look at the emerging technology. Using media theory legend Marshall McLuhan’s tetrad of media effects, we analyzed what VR means for the future of human interaction. Hint: If we’re not careful, virtual reality could actually detach us from reality altogether. (Potentially) Scary stuff.

Building Community on Columbia Gateway Drive: The Saga Continues

12075008_1731516003759577_729230738869534468_nTwo things that we love here at ADG are humor and community. We put those two together and out came Col. Gateway, a play on words from the signage around our business park, Col(umbia) Gateway Drive. But what started out as an inside joke soon turned into a symbol of community, bringing together the nearly 12,000 professionals working within the corporate community along Columbia Gateway Drive. This blog covered the Colonel’s spring happy hour at AIDA Bistro. Stay tuned for more Col. Gateway events and check out his Facebook and Twitter pages to see how you can get involved!

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