ADG’s Littlest Creatives Do BYKTWD 2017

Thursday, April 27 was National Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day – but here at ADG, it’s better known as BYKTWD (Bring Your Kids to Work Day). It wasn’t your typical “shadow your parent for the day” event; we went all out, from video production to scavenger hunts to button-making and everything in between. Even our office transformed into a BYKTWD-dedicated space, with signage and stickers plastered on windows, walls, and desks. On this day, it was all about the kids.

The day started just like any other, with breakfast for our guests – but rather than coffee and bagels, ADG’s littlest creatives fueled up on Go-gurts, cereal, and juice boxes. Only the best for our future designers, developers, and strategists.

Once introductions were made and an in-depth tour was given, the kids gathered ‘round for what was potentially the toughest challenge of the day: trying to figure out what their parents do here all day. All the while, filming, directing, and running audio for the whole production.

From there, a scavenger hunt ensued, with two teams battling it out for the most creative pictures with the items on the list. Then it was time to meet with ADGers who each repped their department loud and proud, showing the kiddos just what we do here at ADG – and even solving the mystery of “What does my mom/dad really do all day?” for some.

After a little one-on-one shadow time with mom or dad – and chowing down on a glorious pile of Chick-fil-A nuggets – the teams took on a new challenge. Team 1 tackled the age-old question of what it would be like if kids took over the U.S. government. Team 2 decided to create an app and make a commercial for it. (Aliens may have been involved – surprisingly, only in one of these videos.)

From concepting and directing to filming and acting, even the youngest kids were involved every step of the way. And while we were there to make sure nothing caught on fire, the end product was entirely theirs. Maybe we should Bring Your Kids to Work more often!

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