ADG’s Spin on National Be Heard Day

Every year on March 7, we come together to celebrate National Be Heard Day, a day that originally came about to honor small businesses and encourage them to “Be Heard” through the noise of big business. But since “Be Heard” is ADG’s tagline and it’s woven into everything we do, we put our own spin on this “holiday.” Here’s what a few of our Creatives had to say when asked what “being heard” means to them.

“You do not need to utter a word to be heard; cause a reaction – with your ideas, art, passion – and you have been heard.” – Amanda Moreau, Senior Designer

“Being heard – in my opinion –  is synonymous with feeling understood. When we feel heard, we feel the other party is on our side and truly understands our objectives and purpose.” – Lindsey Esposito, Traffic and Production Coordinator

“To me, being heard means knowing I have a voice and finding the courage to speak through my vulnerability in order for my voice to be heard.” – Lauri Bianco, Senior Recruiter


To be heard here at ADG is saying, doing, or making something, and by doing so being acknowledged for it. It doesn’t even have to be the final solution, just participating is key. That is the true meaning of being heard. Any person can make noise and most won’t try in their life, for fear of looking a fool. I try to inspire those around me to be heard by making their voices and opinions mean something. The worst thing in history is having the answer, but being afraid of being wrong, and thereby not speaking up or being heard.” – Craig DePriest, Software Engineer

“Being heard means using your creative voice to share unique perspectives and enrich the world around you. Having the freedom to speak up and be heard – even when you think no one is listening – is invaluable. Here at ADG, we not only help clients tell their stories but we foster an atmosphere that inspires originality, authenticity, and collaboration.” – Keva Marable Blair, Strategist

At ADG, it’s our mission every single day to help our clients – and our staff – be heard in their own unique way. What does being heard mean you to? Comment below – we’d love to hear from you…pun absolutely intended.

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