ADG vs. The World – Week Six

Last week’s ADG vs. The World category was Brands and we were looking for the brand that prints more copies of their catalog than even the Bible, where the retail stores are massive and serve a lot of meatballs, and once printed a pregnancy test magazine ad.

ADG vs. The World – Week Five

Welcome to week five of ADG vs. The World. Last week, we were looking for a country that hosts the Wife Carrying World Championships, downs the most coffee, is the most democratic (as of 2012), and has done all this despite only being an independent country since 1918.

Recruit This! How to Use Content & Social to Jumpstart Your Recruiting & Retention Efforts

It’s no secret that recruiting challenges are top of mind for most employers. In fact, in 2018, approximately three quarters (72.8%) of companies struggled to find the right candidates for open positions. What’s more, retaining the employees you do find is also growing more difficult. Turnover is at an all-time high, increasing 22.9% over the last five years. Companies have tried just about everything to attract – and keep – the right people; from beer taps to bike share programs to out-of-this-world benefits. And while your employees undoubtedly appreciate those … Continue reading

ADG vs. The World – Week Four

Welcome to week four of ADG vs. The World. Last week, we were looking for the only U.S. State with a Spanish motto (Oro y Plata, or “Gold and Silver”); the one with the biggest snowflake, source of royal jewels, and the only terrestrial supervolcano.

ADG vs. The World – Week Three!

Last week’s ADG vs. The World was downright Presidential. We were looking for the U.S. President who had his gallstones removed WITHOUT anesthesia or sterilization (yikes!), signed a peace treaty between Mexico and the U.S., was the ninth pick of the Democratic Party delegates, and served only one term.

Market Your Tech Product Like He-Man

Three days after my seventh birthday, I witnessed the most compelling commercial ever; one that offered a product that would change my life, or at least my Saturday mornings, for the next three years. It took the form of a 30-minute animated production (with its own meta-commercial breaks) for a series of toys by Mattel—He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. That product franchise would go on to create over two-billion dollars in revenue for Mattel over the next several years.

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