ADG vs. The World!


Here at ADG, we love games. From food contests to our infamous costume awards, you’ll find a healthy spirit of competition within our walls.

For the past several years, we have had a friendly bingo competition played through our daily internal newsletter. Every weekday, we would draw a bingo ball and note it somewhere in our internal daily news. ADGers would mark off a bingo card, with the winning player securing a coveted reserved parking spot until the next bingo game.

But, like TV’s Selfie—a brilliant 21st century take on Pygmalion/My Fair Lady, starring John Cho and Karen Gillan that was cancelled after only 7 episodes (I’ll never forgive you, ABC)—even the best things need to come to an end.

Today, we say “good-bye” to ADG Bingo and “welcome” to a new challenge; one that pits the ADG staff against the rest of the world. We’re calling it ADG vs. The World!

How it’s played:

ADG vs. The World is a trivia competition, think about your local pub quiz, except we’ll play it through emails and social media. At the start of each week, we will post a category for the week’s answer—cities, US Presidents, famous brands, etc.

We will hide trivia clues in our daily newsletter and share them on our socials (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn) on Monday through Thursday. Try to rely on your own trivial knowledge and avoid the Google (it’s all on the honor system).

These four daily clues point to the weekly answer, which will be revealed on Friday morning along with the names of successful guessers.

For example:

The four daily clues could unfold like this:

Category: Famous Brand

Monday’s clue: Was nearly a bagel company, but the founders could not afford a bagel machine.

Tuesday’s clue: Was nearly called “Josephine’s Flying Machine.”

Wednesday’s Clue: The original location was a renovated gas station, and their product knowledge was based on a $5 correspondence course in ice cream from Penn State (which is kinda famous for its creamery).

Thursday’s Clue: Product flavors come from the company’s team of “flavor gurus”. Each year, they develop over 100 concepts. Marketing chops it down to 60, consumer polling crops it to 20, and then the gurus make those 20 pints in the kitchen. A few of those go onto consumer testing, and finally the elite new flavors hit freezers.

If you figured out the answer is “Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream,” you could have won!

Winning (after all, that’s what we really care about):

ADGers can work together or individually to solve the clues and email their guess internally. The rest of the world can comment on our socials.

Come Friday, we will tally up the correct answers and announce whether ADG or the world takes home the metaphorical virtual trophy for the week and supreme bragging rights.

That’s right, it’s the staff of ADG against the rest of the world (we thought that was sort of obvious from the name ADG vs. The World).

The following week, we pick another weekly answer and do the dance all over again.

Come join us in our virtual pub quiz and we’ll see you in the winner’s circle!

And now, for this week’s clue…

This week’s answer is: A US City

Monday’s clue: This city has only gotten measurable snow on four Christmas Days: in 1880, 1909, 1947, and 2010.

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