Hip Spoofs

Hipsters seem to be the target of ridicule du jour. Perhaps it is because they make it just so easy to poke fun. I mean, really easy. In case you aren’t familiar with hipsters, this quote from Time magazine’s Brief History of Hipsters pretty much sums it up: Hipsters are the friends who sneer when you cop to liking Coldplay. They’re the people who wear T-shirts silk-screened with quotes from movies you’ve never heard of and the only ones in America who still think Pabst Blue Ribbon is a good beer. They sport … Continue reading

Top Brain Juice Blog Posts of 2015

As 2015 draws to a close, it’s time for the obligatory “best of” wrap-up. So, without further ado, I bring you the top blog posts on Brain Juice for 2015—as ranked by views. However, as I write this, I realize that perhaps we should highlight the bottom five to bring posts to your attention that you may have missed. Nonetheless here are five posts, and they just might be the best-of-the-best. Announcing the #Gumbo4Good Challenge Prior to our annual Gumbo & Mistletoe party, we announced a #Gumbo4Good challenge. Readers were asked to put an ampersand (&) between … Continue reading

We are Back to the Future

The future has arrived. Today is October 21, 2015, the day Doc Brown, Marty McFly, and Jennifer Parker traveled to the future in their DeLorean time machine in Back to the Future II. Back in the day, my friends and I would spend afternoons debating the physics of hoverboards, the potential of personal cold fusion power, and the fantasy of flying cars. I know I was convinced the hoverboards in the movie were real, but weren’t being sold because of Consumer Products Safety Commission concerns (unfortunately, that wasn’t true). Now that we have … Continue reading

Best Planning Tool for Content Marketing

When you sit down to start planning your content marketing strategy, you set your goals, objectives, messaging, and measurements. You figure out content buckets, team members, schedules, etc. You quickly realize there are a lot of spinning plates, so you need a way to manage all of them. Where to start? A vital tool in your content marketing toolbox is the editorial calendar. In fact, it’s been used by content providers for decades, if not centuries. It keeps you on track and provides a high-level view of your content strategy execution. It isn’t … Continue reading

What Nuclear Fission Taught Me About Target Audiences

A number of years ago, I toured a commercial nuclear power plant with some colleagues. We spent the entire day touring the plant with nuclear engineers, seeing firsthand how a nuclear reactor splits uranium to create heat to boil water to create steam to turn a turbine which generates electricity. At the end of the tour, as we were standing over the pool of water that contained fuel rods, the tour guides asked if there were any additional questions. I said, “All of this, just to boil water.” That received some … Continue reading

Trending: From Cardboard to Legos

Project Soli Google has released information on a new gesture-based controller that uses radar on a chip to detect, interpret, and act on hand gestures made near an object.  They demonstrate setting a watch or adjusting the volume on a radio without ever touch it.  An impressive advancement.  Assuming it has applications beyond just people who don’t want to go those extra 6 inches to actually touch their watch or radio, what transformative applications do you see?

Trending this Week: Minority Report UI, Star Wars, Avengers

This week’s trending post is inadvertently movie-themed. Enjoy. The Drone that Follows You (and you are cool with that) So, the Lily drone was announced today and, in case you are wondering what to get me for Christmas, look no further.  Pre-order now and it is 50% off – that is like you making $500 (well, kind of). Seriously, there is a lot of impressive technology here and the potential for some incredible footage.  Who needs Warren Miller when you have Lily. Narcissistic skiers – your day has come. GoPro … Continue reading

Trending this Week: Interactive Visualizations

Interactive visualizations and infographics can be very effective at helping people look at data, see it from different angles, and find new stories hidden in the data. Here are a few that are done well. Words Used in State of the Union Speeches This is a truly fascinating visualization that tracks the use of specific words in the State of the Union speeches of all of the U.S. Presidents. It seems rich with reflections on what they considered important at the time.  Sometimes the results are expected, sometimes they are … Continue reading

Trending this Week: Cartographic Infographics

I love maps, infographics, and the stories data tell.  So, I figured, why not do a post about all three.  Here are some map-based infographics.  What stories do you see? Beer Country or Wine Country? The Washington Post mapped all wineries and breweries in the U.S. Some results aren’t surprising – lots of wineries along the Pacific Coast and breweries in Colorado, but there are some surprising results too.  Who knew Oklahoma had so many wineries?  The next infographic should be beer and wine consumption and how they relate to the … Continue reading

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