ADG and the ADDY Triple Crown: Together for Good (Again)

To our friends, clients, and colleagues, Another year of “ADDY Fever” has come and gone in the Baltimore Advertising community, and – as always – the event was filled with Bawl’mer allure, “hon-hair,” and Bergers Cookies (if you’re not from here, you wouldn’t get it). This year’s theme spoke loud and clear that pride for our beloved city is stronger than ever, and it shone brightly for all attendees at the Baltimore Museum of Industry!

Proofs, Prototypes, and Problem Solving

What triggers innovation? Is it when you have copious amounts of free time and a budget to burn? When you need to impress a board or make some noise in the press? Opportunity to attack some glaring problem that no one else has been able to tackle? These aren’t bad options – but they’re probably not the principal motivator either.

ADG Ranks Again on Inc. 5000 List for 2014

ADG is pleased to announce that once again we have ranked on Inc.’s list of top 5000 fastest growing private companies in the U.S., our third time in the last five years. Out of the 57 companies in the greater Baltimore area, ADG ranks 4th in terms of growth in our industry. The ranking was determined by growth in company size and revenue, factors we can certainly speak to. Over the past three years, ADG has seen a 226% growth in company revenue. We’ve also added 20 new positions (and toured through countless kegs … Continue reading

Some Experience Design While I Wait for My Wine

On a recent trip to the great Midwest, I popped my head into an unusual dining establishment called Cooper’s Hawk, and was pretty surprised by what I saw. This beautifully crafted place was like the love child of Cracker Barrel and a Napa-valley winery. Cooper’s Hawk is a vintner that launched a series of restaurants to sell their wines but in this case, Cooper’s Hawk served up as much experience as it did elegant cuisine.

Creating Experience is a Team Sport

Experience is a team sport, plain and simple. With the close of the Winter Olympics, I submit that the amazing athleticism we’ve witnessed was second behind the epic stories (i.e., experience) of the human condition. The events themselves were each relatively short; however, the time that the networks put into researching, reporting, filming, and presenting these stories was mind-boggling. You might even say that there were many, many teams behind the Olympic teams that made the event what it was. Think about the hundreds-of-millions of viewers tuning into an event … Continue reading

Why We Have Beer and Breakfasts

In a recent interview for a Fast Company article on employee engagement it suddenly dawned on me that folks out there in Internet-land might not have the full picture on why we eat, drink and play so much.  A casual glance at our Facebook page or Pinterest Boards may confuse the viewer on whether ADG Creative is Columbia’s newest nightclub, swanky restaurant, foodie hangout or neighborhood pub.  While it’s a little of all of these things (oh, and the region’s best strategic marketing agency), there’s a point to why we have … Continue reading

Celebrating the Spirit of ADG, Lorrie Holihan

Around ADG, May marked an increredibly special moment in the life of the agency… We recognized the 10th anniversary of Agency Manager/Work Mom/Operational Ninja, Lorrie Hollihan.   So why all the fuss?  Of course, 10 years as an agency manager is a long stretch…   but time around ADG is measured in “Creative Time,” which is a little like dog years.  10 years at ADG would actually equate to about 70 (+/-) professional years in most other professions — so yes, this is a big deal. Life as an agency manager around … Continue reading

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