As an admitted automotive buff and a professional who’s familiar with video planning, coordination, managing and logistics, I’m totally captivated by these Ken Block videos. This is man-crush territory here. The amount of planning and coordination that has to go into the production of his online videos is unbelievable. If you haven’t seen them before, take a gander at one. It’s a little long, but you can scrub through and get the idea. It features the co-founder of DC (the performance skateboarding shoes/action sports brand), Ken Block, in his ‘roid-raging … Continue reading

Good Karma Friday-ish: Nike Goes Back to The Future…for a good cause.

Every Friday (or Monday if we’re really busy) we feature people, brands and organizations we really, really like. Sometimes they’re clients – usually they’re not. Here’s our favorite this week: I am admittedly a huge Michael J. Fox fan. I watched Teen Wolf every day after school for a year straight–’til the VHS tape (and a bit of my dignity) was in tatters. I’m also a big Back to the Future fan.  So when some Back to The Future II-inspired short videos started to surface around the web over the past month or so, … Continue reading

Brand Spankin’ New Work: Geek is Chic.

Theodore “the Beltless Tucker.” Ethel Urkel. Emmett Skywalker. Sounds geeky to me. Maybe you work with a geek. Maybe you have a few dorky friends. Maybe you secretly attended a notable comic book convention, lost your car keys and spent 4 hours walking around the city in a princess Leia outfit (the one from Return of the Jedi).  Admit it. You’re a geek at heart.

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