Overcoming the “Gap” Effect: the Facebook Timeline is Here to Stay

October 2010: Gap gave their logo what they thought was a much needed brand refresh to launch them into modern day culture and stay above the trends. We all know what happened: the social media world revolted against the change, the logo was quickly reverted and the “mistake” covered up with a crowdsourcing technique to try and save face. Now, well over a year later, they are still the butt of every bad branding joke. July 2011: Netflix announces its business plan to separate DVD and streaming movies into separate … Continue reading

Welcome, Tangerine Tango

The Pantone Color of 2012 is out, and I couldn’t possibly be more excited. Pantone hit the nail right on the head, picking Tangerine Tango as the color to define the coming year. It is warm, vibrant, invigorating and uplifting. Without the aggression of a true red, but not as happy go-lucky as pure orange, it really has a sense of presence, passion and commitment. These traits could redefine brand strategies moving forward into the next few months in trying to overcome the stigma of the economy and past failing … Continue reading

Stop and Smell the Flowers

No, I really mean it. Go find some flowers. Then smell them. In a study conducted by Haviland-Jones, it was found that smelling flowers actually made people happier and less stressed. “[The floral smell] actually is a mood manipulator,” said study researcher Patricia Wilson of La Salle University in Philadelphia. “So your mood is better, and given that your mood is better, you are looking for things in your memory bank that match that mood.” (source) As a culture, I think few would debate that we are an over-stressed bunch. … Continue reading

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