Three Unexpected Trends in Social Media Marketing

The world of social media marketing is an unpredictable place. Who would have guessed that Snapchat would take the world by storm, becoming the next big market for businesses to break into? Who could have predicted the new Facebook algorithm that has turned so many marketers on their heads? In the name of the unpredictable, here are three myth-busting facts that could change the game for social media marketers.

Ignite, Briefly

When it came time for ADG’s Chief Creative Officer Jeff Antkowiak to speak at the third annual Ignite Howard County, he chose the topic of brevity. So I’ll keep this brief. In short, Ignite brings together a series of speakers who each touch on a topic of their choice for just five minutes, using 20 slides that auto-advance every 15 seconds. Talk about brief.

Meet Rachel Poisall, ADG’s New Communications Intern

We recently welcomed a new addition to the ADG gang of creatives; Rachel Poisall joins us as Communications Intern. She hails from HoCo and is a recent UMD grad. Get to know her here because you’ll be seeing her blogs all over the place this summer. What aspect of marketing and communications are you most interested in? Are you addicted to Twitter like everyone else in your generation? (Be honest) I’ll one-up you there and admit I’m addicted to all the social apps on my phone (#notsorry). But I will say … Continue reading

Apple Acquires Twitter “Fire Hose” Analysis Tool for $200M

Yesterday, Apple announced acquisition of Topsy, one of the few data analysis tools with access to the full Twitter database (all tweets back to 2006) for a mere $200 million. Topsy crawls the 500 million daily tweets and compiles any statistic you want to harvest—the number of times something is mentioned, the number of people talking about a particular topic, trends in the rise and fall of specific discussions, seasonal or daily behavioral patterns, or sentiment analysis. Sentiment analysis is the most potent of all these. For example, during election … Continue reading

Great Advice From Great Copywriters: 7 Tips

“I have always believed that writing advertisements is the second most profitable form of writing. The first, of course, is ransom notes.” –Philip Dusenberry Sonia Simone at Copyblogger comprised an amazing list of the 7 things great copywriters wish you knew. It’s an incredibly useful collection of thoughts on the potential and pitfalls of great copywriting.  Below is a quick summary, each point with our own ADG spin on it. 1.  Headlines! If your headlines are weak, then so is your content. To avoid this, create a simple statement that … Continue reading

Farming a Responsible Ad Campaign: Chipotle’s Scarecrow

“Is there anything sadder than the foods of the 1950s? Canned, frozen, packaged concoctions, served up by the plateful, three meals per day; in an era in which the supermarket was king, the farmer’s market was…well…for farmers, and the word ‘locavore’ sounded vaguely like a mythical beast.” -Jeffrey Kluger In 1910, the population was at 93 million and the number of farms and ranches across America totaled 6.4 million. A hundred years later and our population has grown to 309 million, while our farms and ranches have dropped to just 2.2 … Continue reading

Marketing: The Case for Emotional Commercials

“Nobody counts the number of ads you run; they just remember the impression you make.” —Bill Bernbach Take a second and think about your absolute, all time favorite television (or radio, for the retro-cool folks in the room) commercial. Got it? Now think about what makes that particular ad your favorite. Is it the product or is it the method? I’ll bet you a dollar it’s the method. I’ll bet you two dollars that it makes you laugh, cry, swear, or cheer and because it does that, it’s your favorite. (Don’t … Continue reading

Do Consumers Really Care About Business Ethics?

“We want our material things to be bridges that will allow us to effect positive social change…we use our consumption power to altruistically improve the world.” –David Brooks, Bobos in Paradise What started as a casual chat about this sarcastic mock ad (see left) led to a sweeping discussion on the current state of ethics, responsibility, and consumption in the U.S. at our weekly Happy Hour gathering.  After a discussion by our very own Meghan Hunt, we were left with 3 tough questions: 1. Do consumers really care about the … Continue reading

Is It Time To Say Goodbye To Print?

Julie Kostic, a graphic designer here at ADG Creative, loves paper. She recently sat down to tell us about her affair with paper, how it started, and where she thinks the future of print is headed. So, Julie, you really love paper… I really do. So many great ideas begin on paper. The world is educated on paper. Important life events are shared through paper. Without realizing it, we work with paper on a daily basis. Think of all the paper we encounter throughout the day: money handed to a … Continue reading

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