Three Unexpected Trends in Social Media Marketing

The world of social media marketing is an unpredictable place. Who would have guessed that Snapchat would take the world by storm, becoming the next big market for businesses to break into? Who could have predicted the new Facebook algorithm that has turned so many marketers on their heads? In the name of the unpredictable, here are three myth-busting facts that could change the game for social media marketers.

Can You Make Something Go Viral? All Your Questions Answered (Sort Of).

We welcomed a new Creative to our team this summer: Morgan Haddaway signed on as an intern with us and, in between taking pics of our ice cream deliveries and researching Blaise Pascal quotes, she’s been tackling a pretty substantial research project on all things viral. I decided to get some of these great nuggets out to the interwebs via the following Q/A. Enjoy!

Meet the Latest Addition to ADG’s Content Team, Alex Ludka

Extra, extra: ADG’s content team has expanded! Alex Ludka joins us as Content Strategist, so there’s even more wordsmithing and slinging to be had by the content team in the future. Learn a little more about her and how she fits in by reading an interview with her below. And stay tuned – you can expect to see a lot more content from this one. How did you end up as a Content Strategist at ADG? I’ve loved to write my entire life. So much so that when I was … Continue reading

You’re Invited: Content Marketing for Employee Engagement / Oct 29th

Do you know what’s great about 2015? It’s the year that HR and Marketing are weaving their goals and strategies together like never before. From policies and programs to performance management and Pinterest, the great blurring is upon us as it all blends together in the context of organizational communications. On the 29th of this month ADG will be partnering with our friends at Davis, Agnor, Rapaport, and Skalny LLC to shed light on the intersection of employee engagement and content-driven communications to help leaders develop and execute sound internal communications that get … Continue reading

Best Planning Tool for Content Marketing

When you sit down to start planning your content marketing strategy, you set your goals, objectives, messaging, and measurements. You figure out content buckets, team members, schedules, etc. You quickly realize there are a lot of spinning plates, so you need a way to manage all of them. Where to start? A vital tool in your content marketing toolbox is the editorial calendar. In fact, it’s been used by content providers for decades, if not centuries. It keeps you on track and provides a high-level view of your content strategy execution. It isn’t … Continue reading

2015: The Year of Content, an ADG Workshop

Last month we rolled out a new workshop at ADG called 2015: The Year of Content. The goal? Understand why content must become the new focus of your marketing strategy and then learn how to get a plan in place that’s realistic and actionable. In other words: it was time to wrestle the content monster. And our guests stepped up. On a cloudy weekday morning we welcomed our guests to our studio and after some muffins and coffee and a brief discussion about my red pants, we jumped right in … Continue reading

13 Ideas for Getting Other People to Write Your Content

How do you avoid burnout and increase ownership in your organization’s content program? By boosting the number of voices and contributors. Is this incredibly difficult when you’re the most vested stakeholder in the content program? Of course, but it isn’t impossible. Below are some ideas and bonus insights for obtaining content from a variety of contributors; and no, I won’t apologize for using the word “leverage” so much. Features, Interviews, Spotlights President, CEO, Busy Executives Get 10 minutes on their calendar; come to that meeting with your questions and a way … Continue reading

What House of Cards Can Teach Us About Content Marketing

Season 3 premieres on Netflix today, have you binge-watched it all yet? House of Cards, a Netflix Original Series. The award-winning drama that lives exclusively online is arguably one of the most popular shows to ever come out of a streaming service. When people found out little old Netflix created a binge-worthy and binge-friendly TV show, it kind of became a big deal. Mainly for other online TV streaming services, like Amazon Prime, who quickly followed suit in producing their own original series. What does all of this have to … Continue reading

Content Marketing Predictions for 2015

With the new year quickly approaching (literally just around the corner…if the calendar was a building and the New Year a hot dog vendor), there’s an opportunity for future thoughts – what could happen in the New Year? With great help from the Content Marketing Institute (@CMIContent), here are a few content marketing predictions for 2015. MARKETING TECHNOLOGY 1. John Fox, Venture Marketing (@b2bmarketing) “Mobile first – get it to work on mobile first, and then move it to other platforms.”

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