ADG’s Littlest Creatives Do BYKTWD 2017

Thursday, April 27 was National Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day – but here at ADG, it’s better known as BYKTWD (Bring Your Kids to Work Day). It wasn’t your typical “shadow your parent for the day” event; we went all out, from video production to scavenger hunts to button-making and everything in between. Even our office transformed into a BYKTWD-dedicated space, with signage and stickers plastered on windows, walls, and desks. On this day, it was all about the kids.

ADG’s 2015 Design Team Summit: Spark

In February of this year, ADG’s design team took a break from regular work day activities and came together for the inaugural Design Team summit, titled, SPARK. Led by DCS Maribel Costa and ACD’s Mary Wilcox, Linda Rochelle, and Todd Fidelman, the summit consisted of workshops, discussions, games and presentations (and of course concluded with a happy hour) that inspired and challenged our thinking to “spark” new ideas. So what went on at the ADG SPARK Summit? The list of activities included: •  Warm-Up: Superlatives Game – The designers started the day by breaking … Continue reading

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