SPARK 2016 | ADG’s Design Team Summit

Our production floor was eerily quiet a couple Thursdays ago. No printers were humming, X-Acto knives were tucked away in drawers, and computer screens were black. A daylong sabbatical, Designers withdrew from their computer desk chair thrones (and in Sarah’s case, her exercise ball) to convene offsite for SPARK, the 2016 Design Team Summit for a day of design inspiration to reignite their creative spark. Leading the troop on this day of workshops, discussions, and presentations was Studio Director, Maribel Costa and Creative Directors, Linda Rochelle, Mary Wilcox, and Todd Fidelman.

ADG’s Gumbo & Mistletoe Invitation Featured on Fold Factory

Although the dust has finally settled from our Gumbo & Mistletoe party back in December, the invitations and design work we created continue to live on, this week with the honor of being featured in the Fold Factory’s 60-Second Super Cool Fold of the Week. If you don’t know about Trish Witkowski’s epic folding videos make sure you check them all out on the Fold Factory channel. Thanks to all the ADG Designers and Creatives that worked on this killer invite- enjoy!

ADG Hosts Ravens Marketing Team for #BmoreDW14

Jaws dropped, beer drinkers paused mid-sip and lines began to form once word got out that three Super Bowl XLVII rings were in the house. Our guests of honor, the Ravens Marketing Team, were arguably the three most popular people of the evening, if not for their flashy jewelry, for their super cool jobs. They even let us try the rings on! Needless to say, it was an exciting night. As part of AIGA Baltimore’s 2014 Design Week, ADG hosted the Ravens marketers and a swarm of Design Week-goers in our space for … Continue reading

Content is Your Cake; Design is Your Frosting

A lot has been written about content being the king to drive traffic to your website, and it is absolutely true that useful content and products are what bring repeat visitors to your site and encourage sharing. It is basic human nature – people use what they perceive as valuable to them. Maybe a site tells them how to do something, makes them laugh,  or allows them to escape into a story. Think about the websites you visit or tell others about: What brings you go back or pushes you to share them with your friends?

Trending this Week: Moving Between Paper, Desktop & Mobile

This week we’ll navigate through the interaction of print, desktop and mobile experiences. Including everything from printed GIFs to rules of the web. Seamless Interaction between Mobile and Desktop Adobe has put together a concept video of how their suite of creative applications could interact between phones, tablets, and desktops. It’s a peek into the dream of not only seamless integration, but using each platform for what it does best.

The Evolution of Beer: St. Boniface Style

Earlier this year, St. Boniface asked us once again to help them design their beer labels. Only this time, instead of bottles, they were cans! St. Boniface sent us a sketch of their vision for the new line of brews, and our designers went straight to work. From a design standpoint, we had to determine how much room we had in changing St. Boniface’s label branding between the first bottle we designed and the new cans. We prototyped a few designs that closely mimicked the client sketch, and we pushed a few … Continue reading

Trending this Week: More Than Just #iPhone6

This week we go beyond the iPhone launch and take a look at coffee, Adobe Photoshop, and the story of the son of a terrorist. If iPhone6 was a Movie With the launch of the new iPhone today, it would be an understatement to say that topic is. While I was tempted to completely avoid any mention of iPhones in today’s post, this is a clever video envisioning what a movie trailer for an iPhone6 would look like if the iPhone6 was a movie. It’s worth the less than 2 minutes of … Continue reading

ADG Presents: Design Team Breakfast

On a recent sunny summer morning ADG designers, strategists and developers alike gathered round fruit, warm cinnamon rolls and piles of paper to tackle an exciting design challenge. Every month brings a new challenge that keeps our minds sharp and our creative gears turning–this month the challenge was a hypothetical patriotism crisis. Design Team Breakfasts are fun and fast: eat breakfast, split into teams and tackle a challenge in about an hour. Here’s the premise from this month: In 24 hours, all Americans’ memories will be erased of what it means to be an American … Continue reading

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