ADG’s Littlest Creatives Do BYKTWD 2017

Thursday, April 27 was National Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day – but here at ADG, it’s better known as BYKTWD (Bring Your Kids to Work Day). It wasn’t your typical “shadow your parent for the day” event; we went all out, from video production to scavenger hunts to button-making and everything in between. Even our office transformed into a BYKTWD-dedicated space, with signage and stickers plastered on windows, walls, and desks. On this day, it was all about the kids.

Top Ten Tuesday: The Time has Come for Puns!

Each Tuesday here on our blog we put together a top ten list under the clever title of “Top Ten Tuesday.” Yes, really. I love a good pun. I know that some of you out there are reading that and shaking your heads, muttering under your breaths that there’s no such thing. To that I say, to each their own. Like puns, our ADG creatives come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and types – from graphic designers to developers to vegetarians. That’s why I put together this list of … Continue reading

Where I Work: Writing & Strategizing from the Corner Cube

“Where I Work” is a new series from copywriter Meghan Hunt, profiling ADG Creatives in their unnatural habitats. From where I sit, far to the left-hand side of this giant, creative space, I have access to a whiteboard full of code I quite honestly don’t understand. It’s like reading hieroglyphics backwards and upside down…  The workforce of ADG is diverse—designers, strategists, developers, and program managers all collaborating within a space perfectly sized for a paintball civil war or an intramural dodgeball league (if you can dodge a stressed designer, you … Continue reading

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