Star Wars: Our Contribution to the Madness

I recently glanced up from my diligent strategizing of strategies to see Project Manager Sam with some kind of goggle thing on his face staring up into space mumbling awe-filled “wows” and “oohs” and generally giving off some kind of kid-in-a-candy-store vibe. When he was done (none of us recall how long this went on), I was able to ascertain that yes, this was Star Wars related and worthy of sharing. To add our voice to the collective din of musings and mysteries revolving around the new Star Wars film, I … Continue reading

Meet Rachel Poisall, ADG’s New Communications Intern

We recently welcomed a new addition to the ADG gang of creatives; Rachel Poisall joins us as Communications Intern. She hails from HoCo and is a recent UMD grad. Get to know her here because you’ll be seeing her blogs all over the place this summer. What aspect of marketing and communications are you most interested in? Are you addicted to Twitter like everyone else in your generation? (Be honest) I’ll one-up you there and admit I’m addicted to all the social apps on my phone (#notsorry). But I will say … Continue reading

4 Tips for Asking Really Great Interview Questions

Whether you’re doing a phone interview with a time-pressed executive or an in-person session with a local celebrity there’s a trick to getting the right material and it’s not all up to the person being interviewed. Below are 4 time-tested tips to help you interview someone and get fantastic results. Get Beyond Yes/No Answers The easiest way to avoid the DOA yes/no answer is to ask open-ended questions during the interview. This allows the interviewee to get into “why” territory rather than just agreeing or disagreeing with a statement you … Continue reading

EXCLUSIVE! Comic Sans Tells All!

There is no other font in the history of computer fonts that causes more ire than Comic Sans. Writers cringe. Designers turn red in the face and weep. When it appeared in 1994, Microsoft users embraced it with open arms. It was fun and whimsical and it seemed to bring a certain level of happiness to all the greeting cards it graced. Then, just ten years later, it fell from grace. The public that had loved it so much turned its back on Comic Sans, relegating it to the same … Continue reading

Good Karma Friday: Mark Figueiredo’s Musical Appreciation

Every Friday we feature people, brands and organizations we really, really like. Sometimes they’re clients – usually they’re not. Here’s our favorite this week: My maiden post will be brief, but we wanted to hand out some quick props. ADG is doing a fair bit of hiring lately–and for all the right reasons: We’re just busy. One of our interviewees from this week got fancy, bringing food (always a big win with office folk) with QR-code stickers that linked to his mobile portfolio: That isn’t even the best part.

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