Three Unexpected Trends in Social Media Marketing

The world of social media marketing is an unpredictable place. Who would have guessed that Snapchat would take the world by storm, becoming the next big market for businesses to break into? Who could have predicted the new Facebook algorithm that has turned so many marketers on their heads? In the name of the unpredictable, here are three myth-busting facts that could change the game for social media marketers.

Mindfulness vs. VR: Can There be Only One?

Unless you’re living under a rock, you’ve witnessed first-hand the infatuation the world has had with virtual reality headset Oculus Rift since it was officially released in March. The first round of pre-orders sold out immediately and now the estimated ship date if you order one today is August. That’s three months from now. Amidst all the speculation and critiques, I wanted to get to the heart of what Oculus Rift – and virtual reality as a whole – is really all about by running it through media theory legend … Continue reading

Trending: From Cardboard to Legos

Project Soli Google has released information on a new gesture-based controller that uses radar on a chip to detect, interpret, and act on hand gestures made near an object.  They demonstrate setting a watch or adjusting the volume on a radio without ever touch it.  An impressive advancement.  Assuming it has applications beyond just people who don’t want to go those extra 6 inches to actually touch their watch or radio, what transformative applications do you see?

Trending this Week: Interactive Visualizations

Interactive visualizations and infographics can be very effective at helping people look at data, see it from different angles, and find new stories hidden in the data. Here are a few that are done well. Words Used in State of the Union Speeches This is a truly fascinating visualization that tracks the use of specific words in the State of the Union speeches of all of the U.S. Presidents. It seems rich with reflections on what they considered important at the time.  Sometimes the results are expected, sometimes they are … Continue reading

Trending this Week: Cartographic Infographics

I love maps, infographics, and the stories data tell.  So, I figured, why not do a post about all three.  Here are some map-based infographics.  What stories do you see? Beer Country or Wine Country? The Washington Post mapped all wineries and breweries in the U.S. Some results aren’t surprising – lots of wineries along the Pacific Coast and breweries in Colorado, but there are some surprising results too.  Who knew Oklahoma had so many wineries?  The next infographic should be beer and wine consumption and how they relate to the … Continue reading

Trending: Best of Web in 2014, 2015 Predictions

Most Beautiful Data Visualizations of 2014 The popularity of data visualizations catapulted in 2014, and there have been some truly beautiful ones released. Learn about everything from world refugee patterns to the daily habits of amazingly creative people through the ages. Oh, and for a data visualization to be beautiful, it has to be useful.

Trending This Week: Data Visualization and Content Marketing

Data visualization and content marketing are trendy terms, but data visualization isn’t a new concept. Visuals convey concepts remarkably well, hence the truth, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Done well, visualizing data to tell your story can propel your content marketing efforts from being heard to being understood. It takes effort and practice to create beautiful and useful data visualizations. Here is some inspiration to get you started. Visualizing Migration This is a beautiful, effective, and inspirational infographic on global migration patterns. It engages the users by allowing them … Continue reading

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